Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy Clinic Mumbai

Find best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai. Get treatment for skin, PCOS, Arthritis, Psoriasis, IBS, cough, Anxiety, etc in Andheri

When to search for the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

A search for the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, India, is fast becoming a popular trend. The need for holistic health and wellness has emerged globally.  There is a genuine desire to find an alternative medicine specialist. The primary reason is to get a definite solution for psycho-somatic and stress-induced diseases. The AYUSH system of medicine has been established in India with the intention to treat these health problems. 

Why to search the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

Patients search the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai for three primary reasons: – 

  1. Homeopathic medicines prove effective in giving a therapy without any toxic, side effects. It has proved to be a very natural and safer alternative system of medicine.
  2. A desire to get better results than the existing line of treatment.
  3. As a complementary to the ongoing therapy. It can help to improve the chances of success.

Patients with long-lasting and recurring illness are tired of taking many medications.

They keep changing doctors to get some improvement in their health problems. A smart patient will soon realize the limitations of the therapies he or she is taking. 

You need a very holistic and natural therapy to heal your chronic disease. This is especially true in cases of recurrent and stress-related diseases. In such clinical cases a patient will search for a good homeopathic doctor in India for: –

  1. Migraine treatment,
  2. Treating PCOD, PMS, endometriosis, low AMH, infertility, and female health problems
  3. Getting relief from joint pain, gout and rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Treat acidity due to reflux disease, HPV infection, stress, ulcer or hiatus hernia.
  5. Cure chronic skin diseases like psoriasis, hives, eczema. alopecia areata, and warts.
  6. Get medications free from hormones for endocrine problems like thyroid, diabetes, and PCOS.
  7. Curing chronic cold, cough, allergy, kidney stone, fissure pain, and fistula.

What brings patients to Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai 

While many homeopathic clinics are present in India it is necessary to choose the best from the lot.

Standard Homeopathy Clinic is a brainchild of Dr. Chintan Mehta. It is popular for its world-class homeopathic treatment.

The clinic has a peaceful and serene surrounding. It has spacious and airy consulting rooms & waiting room for patients. 

It is a famous alternative medical center, located in the plush suburb of Andheri and Parle. It can be easily approached from the nearby areas of Santacruz, Juhu, Goregaon, Lokhandwala, Dadar, Bandra etc. 

The staff is supportive, co-operative and patient-friendly. Keeping patient care in the center, it is recognized as one of the best homeopathy clinics in Andheri, Mumbai.  

At the doctor’s office you get a scientific, cost-effective, and personalized therapy from one of the top homeopathic doctors in Mumbai. Patients from across the globe visit Standard homeopathy clinic in Mumbai to get a comprehensive homeopathic treatment. An integrated therapy free from side effects is assured at the medical center.

In his practice, Dr. Mehta has successfully treated many cases that had a limited scope in Allopathy. Patients have experienced positive results with his therapy in arthritis, acidity, infertility, PCOD, allergy, cold, cough, etc. He ranks high in the list of top homeopathic doctors in India. 

People from countries like Canada, the US, Singapore, New Zealand, UAE, Qatar, etc. happily consult Dr. Mehta online via video call. Many have visited his office in India to consult in-person with the top homeopathic doctor in Mumbai.

In search of a good homeopathic doctor near me in-person, many patients approach Dr. Chintan Mehta. He is a leading homeopathic doctor in Mumbai with an excellent track record. 

Patients seeking reliable and effective therapy for long-lasting diseases visit the doctor’s clinic in Andheri west. He has given marvelous results in many cases of IBS, bronchitis, migraine, piles, diabetes, etc. He ranks high in a search for the top homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, Andheri.

best homeopathy clinic in mumbai

Dr. Chintan Mehta is a renowned homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, India. He is considered one of the best in the field. He practices at the Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai. The doctor’s office is located in Andheri and Parle areas. 

Dr. Mehta has a rich clinical experience of over 24 years and is a reliable face in the medical field. He has an extensive knowledge of homeopathy and modern medicine. He has a profound insight in managing chronic diseases holistically with alternative therapy.

Dr. Mehta is associated with the very renowned National council of Homoeopathy in India. He is registered as a homeopath in the state council MCH in Mumbai, India. He is the most sought-after professional for the treatment of acidity, arthritis, PCOD, psoriasis, anxiety, thyroid problem, infertility, etc. His holistic approach makes him rank high in the search for the best homeopathic doctors in India.

Consult Dr. Mehta for reliable solution of health problems.

Concepts of treatment that make us the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

At the Standard homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, India, Dr. Mehta treats patients on the holistic concepts of health. Some of these are: – 

1. Use of minimum medicine to cure your illness and improve your immunity

2. To give a medicine that suits your constitution and nature

3. Provide a safe line of treatment that gives a gentle healing touch to your body.

4. Personalized homeopathic medicine for every patient

Dr. Mehta also adds the advances in modern medicine while treating his patients. As a homeopath, he believes in the concept of an ‘Individualized holistic approach’ to cure your disease permanently.  

This makes the doctor’s office popular as the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai.

Get personalized treatment from the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

Every patient is different and has a unique personality. The symptoms and progress of a disease will also vary in patients.   

As a homeopath, Dr. Chintan Mehta sincerely studies these unique symptoms of your disease. He also engages in an in-depth study of your nature and personality. The doctor maintains this approach in his health center and even during online consultations. 

It helps you get a personalized treatment from the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai. Personalized therapy ensures better results in difficult cases of diabetes, migraine, PCOD, etc. The dispensary is one of the few places in India to provide such exclusive therapy in alternative medicine. 

Healing from the roots at the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

Homeopathic medicines are popular for treating a disease from its roots without side effects. A professional approach under a homeopath with expertise and experience is required. 

According to Dr. Chintan Mehta, ‘3 things play a major role in causing & maintaining your illness’. They are

  1. stress,
  2. your emotions, personality, 
  3. your genes and family history.

To treat a disease from the roots, it is best to take a remedy that matches these aspects of your case. 

Such a customized treatment can heal your illness in a holistic way.

Dr. Chintan Mehta is a leading homeopathic doctor in Mumbai giving customized treatments. He has treated various health problems in his clinic in Andheri west with a holistic approach. 

Diseases treated at the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

Acidity treatment

Find the best homeopath for treating acidity and gas in India. Dr. Chintan Mehta specializes in the holistic management of GERD and heartburn.

Dr. Mehta is the best homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, India, for treating PCOS and PCOD. See his specialized therapy for irregular periods and insulin resistance. 


At the Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, India, you get best arthritis treatment. This helps you have relief in symptoms of joint pain and stiffness.

Discover the power of homeopathic therapy for anxiety and depression. Get help from the expert. Share what you are passing through with one of the top homeopathic doctor in Mumbai for psychiatry problems.

Consult Dr. Mehta for a holistic long term management of diabetes and its complications. Regulate blood sugar naturally and effectively. 

Treat cold cough

Finding a homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, for frequent cold, cough and allergy can prove very rewarding. It is very effective in curing throat pain, bronchitis and sinusitis. 


Experience the gentle touch of customized homeopathy for skin ailments like acne, allergy, eczema, etc. Dr. Mehta is a reputed homeopath for treating skin diseases. 

Hair loss

Nourish and condition your hair from the roots in a holistic way. As a homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, India, Dr. Mehta treats patchy hair loss and alopecia in his health center. 


Homeopathic treatment is very effective for red eyes, styes, allergy, trachoma, retina problems, etc. Timely intervention and regular medication under an expert is beneficial. Visit the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai for eyes.

Why Dr. Mehta's Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai?

Specialty treatments at Dr. Mehta's homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, we provide specialized treatment services.  Several diseases mentioned below are treated with customized natural medicines. 

Our patient-centric, holistic approach sets us apart from other homeopathy clinics in Mumbai, Andheri.

Dr. Chintan Mehta is an expert homeopathic doctor in India, for psoriasis treatment. 

Various types of psoriasis are treated at Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai. Example: – 

  1. Plaque psoriasis over the skin, ears, nose, etc.
  2. Scalp psoriasis, 
  3. Guttate psoriasis,
  4. Psoriasis of hands and feet
  5. Inverse psoriasis,
  6. Psoriatic arthritis, and 
  7. Nail psoriasis.


Get a holistic therapy for psoriasis symptoms like scaling, and itching, with natural & safe medicines.

For infertility treatment at the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

For best infertility treatment in India, you will find an expert homeopathic doctor in Dr. Mehta. Under his expertise, we are popular as the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, India, for fertility problem.

Consult Dr. Mehta if you wish to conceive naturally and improve your chances of pregnancy. 

At Standard Homeopathy clinic you get consultation, medicines, and dietary advice for fertility problems. Some of the services we give through online or in clinic consultation are: – 

  1. World class therapy for male infertility due to low sperm count, antibodies in semen, poor sperm motility, etc.
  2. Safer treatments for female infertility due to PCOD, PCOS, thyroid problems, etc.
  3. Treating unexplained infertility with alternative medicines. 
  4. Giving hope to patients having repeated abortions or where IVF has failed.
  5. Safer management of pregnancy- related health issues like piles, fissure, nausea, and vomiting.

Treat hair loss from the roots

Nourish and condition your hair from the roots in a holistic way. Start customized therapy at Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai. 

As a homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, Dr. Mehta treats hair loss due to

  1. PCOD problem,
  2. thyroid problems,
  3. stress,
  4. Alopecia areata
  5. telogen effluvium, etc.      

Get healthy hair growth, by treating hair fall, and bald patches. 

Begin your journey towards optimal health today

Consulting a homeopathy doctor for acne, helps you get a clear complexion in a holistic way. Pimples on the face, head, scalp, shoulders, and other areas of the skin can be treated. 

Get your acne and dark spots on the skin healed without any side effects.

Getting treated at the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, you experience a holistic healing for: – 

  1. painful pimples,
  2. Acne vulgaris
  3. Pimples on face, shoulders, back
  4. Acne with dark spots  

Dr. Mehta is a leading homeopathic doctor in Mumbai for IBS, gas and bloating. He has a vast experience in treating irritable bowel syndrome and digestive problems. He is a famous homeopathic doctor in India for treating gut health issues like IBS & IBD.

His personalized therapy is very effective in patients with gut, bowel and stomach problems.

Why get IBS treatment at the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

Consulting at the Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai helps you in following ways: –  

  1. Get authentic homeopathic treatment for IBS C type with constipation,
  2. experience relief from bloating and gas,
  3. Treat indigestion and belly pain with alternative medicine


We also treat anxiety, panic attacks, and depression associated with IBS.   

Homeopathic treatment is very useful in treating IBD as well. IBD stands for inflammatory bowel disease. Two types of IBD treated by Dr. Mehta are: – 

  1. Ulcerative Colitis
  2. Crohn’s disease

You get the best arthritis therapy at Dr.Mehta’s homeopathic dispensary in Andheri west.

At the center you receive effective medication for joint pain and swelling. It goes on to give immense relief in tiredness, muscle fatigue, back pain, and sciatica. All this without side-effects is what makes the dispensary very famous and special.

Types of arthritis treated at the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

As a homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, Dr. Chintan Mehta treats various types of arthritis. Examples include: – 

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis – Blood report shows positive RA factor and there is a pain in multiple joints. Get holistic therapy, free from side effects for pain in knee joints, ankle joints, wrists, shoulders, elbows, etc.  
  2. Gout – It is vital to start alternative medicines when your blood report shows a high uric acid. Patients with pain in finger joints and toes from gout consult our homeopath in India. The therapy helps to reduce frequent attacks of gout with pain and swelling. 
  3. Psoriatic arthritis – It gives hope to patients of psoriasis having joint pain and swelling. We have had very encouraging results in some patients having psoriatic arthritis.
  4. Sero-negative arthritis – In these cases RA factor is negative. Our medications can help to soothe your pain in knee, shoulder, wrists, and ankles. They also give positive results when blood tests do not show a definite cause of arthritis. 
  5. Back pain and spondylosis – Get relief from back pain due to spondylosis, disc prolapse, and sciatica. Alternative medicines can help you avoid heavy pain killers and treat without side effects. It may also help to avoid surgery for sciatica and in some cases of spinal canal stenosis.
  6. Osteoarthritis – To get relief from knee pain, patients often search for a good homeopathic doctor in India. It is the best alternative to a knee replacement surgery. Homeopathic pills can be safely taken to relieve joint pain and swelling in osteoarthritis. Care must be taken to avoid over the counter products, oils and creams. 


Besides this, we also treat frozen shoulder, avascular necrosis, bursitis, heel pain, and ganglion.  

Expert homeopathic doctor for child in Mumbai

Patients often search for an expert homeopathic doctor for child-related problems. The sweet pills given by a homeopath are readily accepted by a child.

Best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai for child

At Dr. Chintan Mehta’s clinic in Andheri, child health, growth, and development are a top priority.

Child health issues like bed-wetting, adenoids, speech delay, are treated holistically. Behavior problems like hyperactivity, phobia and temper tantrums are also addressed at the health center. 

Medicines give your child a natural, protective cover from cold, cough and fever.  Consult one of the leading homeopathic doctors in India for a child. Book appointment with Dr. Mehta at the best homeopathy clinic in Mumbai for children. 

Homeopathy has proved effective in managing hormone problems like thyroid, PCOD and diabetes. It is a safer and holistic alternative to patients having endocrine diseases.

Low levels of thyroid hormone and a high level of TSH indicate hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

High levels of T3 and T4 and low levels of the hormone TSH occur in hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease.

Patients start thyroid treatment at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathy clinic in Mumbai for: – 

  1. palpitations
  2. bloating, 
  3. mood changes, 
  4. anxiety, and
  5. swelling.

Start a steroid-free medication for lichen planus from Dr. Mehta’s clinic in Andheri. Consult the best homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, India for skin problems.

Symptoms of itching in the skin, scratching, and dark spots are treated without steroids. Lesions seen on the legs, wrists, hands and feet can be healed. The literature is also rich in medications for lesions on the mouth and genitals. The remedies help to sooth the severe burning and distress occurring in oral lichen planus.

One can seek an online or in-person consultation to treat lichen planus. The medications prove to give a lasting result even in chronic cases. 

Best homeopathic doctor in India for cancer treatment

Dr. Chintan Mehta is one of the best homeopathic doctor in India for cancer.

You can strengthen your immunity in the fight against cancer under his the expertise.

At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, we give customized therapy for various types of cancer and tumors. For cancer patients, our aim is: –

  1. To help patients get relief and comfort in their cancer symptoms.
  2. To ease the pain and suffering.
  3. To boost the inherent strength and immunity of a cancer patient.
  4. To give homeopathic medicines for side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Mumbai nearby landmarks

National airport near the clinic
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport or Mumbai Airport Terminal 1 Vile parle east; Also known as Santacruz airport.

National & International airport near the homeopathic clinic in Mumbai
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport (CSIA); Sahar road, Andheri east

Railway station near the clinic
Andheri west station; Vile Parle railway station; Andheri metro station.  

Prominent landmarks near Standard homeopathy clinic in Andheri
Shopper’s stop Andheri; Andheri west station; Lallubhai park garden; Andheri west bus depot; Andheri east bus depot; Irla market; Link road.

Areas near the clinic
Parsi colony, Irla, Lokhandwala, JVPD Scheme, Versova, Amboli, Juhu scheme, Marol, Sakinaka, J B Nagar, Chandivali, Andheri east, Oshiwara, Ram Mandir, Parle east, Santacruz, Bandra, Vikhroli, Jogeshwari, and Goregaon.   

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Testimonials for Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai

Ramakant Vishwakarma
Dr. Mehta sahab bahut hi achhe aur dayalu aadmi hai, bahut hi achha Anubhav hai, mai apne pet ki samasya lekar gaya tha doctor saheb ke pass aur inhone ne mera treatment achhe se kiya aur 90% tak thik ho gaya hu, abhi bhi mai dawa le raha hu mujhe asha hai mai 100% thik ho jaunga. Thanks Mehta Sir.
Ami Vadgama
In Dr. Chintan Mehta I could find one of the best homeopathy doctor in Mumbai for anxiety treatment. With severe panic attacks and anxieties I had visited Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Andheri west. I used to feel severe tightness and claustrophobia. Palpitations caused excessive panic and fear. I consulted Dr. Mehta in person in his clinic in Andheri. After his treatment for anxiety I have significantly improved. Besides his medicines, I could sense a genuine desire in the doctor to treat and cure his patients from the roots. His experience in the field became obvious when we consulted him and during the follow us. He guided us with the required investigations also. Initially when I was not feeling any significant improvement I became worried. But he inspired hope in me. This helped me to stay with the treatment. And the medicines have worked. My anxieties and panic attacks have improved. My faith in homeopathy, medicines and doctors prevailed. Highly recommended to anyone in search of a good homeopathy doctor for anxiety treatment.
nitin patil
Got immense benefit in my skin allery and itching after homeopathic treatment taken from Dr. Chintan Mehta in his clinic in Andheri. Found an expert homeopathy doctor in Andheri in Dr. Mehta. I had severe itching and cracks on my soles since many years. Tried various treatments for the same from different doctors of different systems. Some diagnosed it as psoriasis and some said it was eczema. All failed to give any lasting relief. When I started Dr.Mehta’s homeopathic treatment initially I didn’t improve much. He had taken my case history at his Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Andheri very nicely and in detail. So thought to give it a proper chance. After few months of treatment started feeling the improvement in itching in the soles. The cracks on the feet due to psoriasis or eczema have disappeared completely. The itching is almost gone. I also had a problem of allergic cold. Even this has shown improvement. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Vinayak Kadam
For my acidity and gerd complaints found a good homeopathy doctor in Andheri west in Mumbai at Dr.Mehta’s Homeopathy clinic. I have been having heartburn, bloating, burping and a dry cough with my reflux problem of gerd. I also had elbow pain and couldn’t exercise freely with it. I was in search of a good homeopathy doctor near me for acidity and joint pains. I had tried few good homeoapthic doctors in Andheri and nearby areas but with hardly any relief. In this condition with these of symptoms of gerd and arthritis I visited Dr.Mehta’s homeopathy clinic in Mumbai and consulted Dr. Mehta in Andheri. I have much relief in my complaints of gerd and acidity. No heartburn, bloating is less and elbow pain has disappeared. I can do my exercises freely now.
Shakeel Ahmed
The Dr Chintan Mehta throughly understand the Problems and symptoms and listen all carefully. I was diagnosed with 02 Kidney Stones in Oct 2022. After taking his suggested medicines I was completely cured in 2 months. NO sign of my kidney stones in Sonography Done Recently.I am very Gratelfull to him and would recommend him to my near and dea ones.
Krishiv Kanojia
Lichen planus cured. I was having severe skin itching due to lichen planus. I consulted Dr Mehta in his homeopathic clinic in Andheri Mumbai for lichen planus treatment. Large thick patches of discoloured skin on my both wrists, hands, knees, feet, ankle were present. Entire back was covered with tiny spots. I was facing terrible itching and not to forget the social embarrassment, the later being more troublesome than the former. Was applying few creams and taking allopathic medicine but with little relief. I wanted a cure for the problem and not without side-efects. That is when I met Dr. Mehta at standard homeopathy clinic in andheri for lichen planus. The problem was chronic and I was new to homeopathy. Dr. Mehta took my entire history which initially was a little amusing to me. I didn’t understand the connection between the questions and my skin itching and lichen planus. But I pursued it and gave the answers as best as I could. As the interview progressed I could connect and sense that I am going to get a holistic outlook to my case here. He asked me about my nature, emotions, stress and gave me some homeopathic medicines for lichen planus. Really some very little medicines. Couldn’t believe it will have an effect. Took it and was almost 30% better in first 3 weeks. He was seeing me in follow up every month. Today I can safely say am much better in my lichen planus symptoms. The back lesions have gone. The thick marks on hands and wrists have faded and there is no itching there. There is almost 80% improvement in my lichen planus. I as a person am feeling better. I could find in Dr. Mehta not just a very good homeopathy doctor for lichen planus in Mumbai for my case but also as a holistic healer. Really thankful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the age-old principle of ‘like cures like’. In the words of Dr. Chintan Mehta – “The way you are so is your medicine”. A person with a severe cold and sneezing with watery eyes will receive a medicine that has the capacity to produce a similar allergic cold and sneeze. If you have anxiety with gas and acidity, a medicine having similar characteristics will prove more effective. Hence, it is advisable to share your case history properly with an expert homeopath. It helps best to cure your illness from the roots.

While these golden principles were hidden in the Indian Vedas, it was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who established an entire therapy out of it. Hence, he is also known as the father of homeopathy.

Yes and no. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural herbs, plants, and minerals. The medicinal substance is diluted to an extent that no physical or crude substance remains in it. Using such ultra dilutions of remedies has profound healing benefits. They remedy will be safer to use as it will not cause any toxic side effects to the body. There is no harm and damage to organs like the liver, kidney, heart, brain, etc. It is very enriching to develop good health and wellbeing. The therapy is very safe and every effective when taken under the guidance of a professional homeopath. Rather the action is deep enough to improve your overall immunity. It has a potential to cure your disease from its roots. Such ultra dilutions of remedies are prescribed in the power of 30, 200, 1M, LM, etc. The choice of power of medicine depends on your illness, age and other vital parameters.

However, self-medication is dangerous. Using a crude substance in the form of mother tinctures without consulting a trained homeopath can be detrimental. Also, using formulations made by mixing many medicines is against the principes of the system. So, it is always wise to search for an expert homeopathy doctor near me or online if you wish to start your medication. It is the safest and most authentic way to heal yourself from within.

Homeopathic treatment is the science and art of healing patients safely and gently. The main aim of this system, as mentioned in the fundamental texts, is to restore the health of the sick in a natural way without any harm to the body. In India, it is an integral part of the AYUSH system of medicine. To promote a scientific outlook, the government of India has also established the Central Council of Research in Homeopathy. It looks after the research-related activities in the profession. Besides this, individual homeopaths have also demonstrated good results with homeopathic therapy. Sucess rate is very high in skin diseases, IBS, PCOD, eczema, etc.

Laboratory evidence of disease reversal in cases of thyroid, diabetes, RA, etc proves that homeopathy is an authentic system of medicine. 

It is not for nothing that homeopathic treatment is very popular in India, France, and other countries across the globe. 

Finding a qualified homeopathy doctor near me can be a challenge in India. It is especially true in the busy suburbs of Andheri and Parle in Mumbai. A Google search to find a ‘homeopathic doctor near me’ may prove handy. Also, it is wise to consult a homeopath with a good experience and sound knowledge about this science and art. Simply buying medicines from a pharmacy is not the right approach. It is especially so while treating a chronic disease like PCOD, thyroid, cold, cough, allergy, arthritis, acidity, etc.   

Homeopathic treatment can be taken alongside conventional allopathy medicines. In cases of diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases, renal failure, etc homeopathic treatments are often used alongside allopathic medicine in India. It not only helps to improve the health and immunity but also cure the illness from the roots. In cancer, homeopathic treatments can be used as an alternative with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

A qualified homeopathic doctor in India can treat several conditions ranging from cold to cancer. Homeopathic treatment is the second largest system of medicine in the world. It is popular in treating chronic and acute conditions without any side effects in a holistic way. Medicines have given magical results in psoriasis, skin allergy, indigestion, migraine, and PCOD where other treatments had failed. Timely intervention helps to prevent surgery in a case of piles, fissure, fistula, adenoids, etc. Hence many patients want to consult a good homeopathic doctor in India to treat diseases from the roots.