Any health-conscious person cannot do away without knowing the benefits of homeopathic treatment in 2023. From a safe therapy to a holistic medicine, homeopathy has created a place in the heart of people. There are many compelling reasons to search for a good homeopathy doctor.

Homeopaths have given encouraging results in many difficult diseases. Psoriasis, acidity, anxiety, allergy, eczema, PCOS, arthritis, etc. are some of these.

What is it in this system that has made it so acceptable? Why does it hold a special place in the AYUSH system of medicine? Why must a patient with chronic illness consult a homeopath? 

Questions like these and many more are answered in this article.

Here are the 9 super benefits of homeopathic treatment in 2023 from the desk of a professional.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic treatment is painless

A fundamental principle of homeopathic treatment is to cure in a painless way. It is mentioned by Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, in his book ‘The Organon of Medicine’. A good homeopathy doctor will ensure a gentle and pain-free therapy. 

What it means? A homeopath will avoid the use of harsh medicines and treatments. For example: –

  1. To treat psychiatric diseases, a homeopath will avoid the use of electric shock
  2. For cancer, he will use homeopathic medicines. He will and not use chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  3. He will treat diseases like tonsils, adenoids, piles, and fissures without surgery.
  4. Treat kidney stone or gallbladder stones without surgery.

Homeopathic treatment is safe

When prescribed as per principles, homeopathic medicines are safe. They have no toxic side effects. These medicines come in ultra-dilutions. A minute dose of the medicine makes it safer to consume. To ensure this it is best to begin treatment only under a homeopathy doctor.

Many patients who use Allopathy medication complain of acidity. Long-term use of analgesics is known to cause stomach ulcers. Few medicines are known to damage the kidneys and liver. Such unpleasant and dangerous side effects are not seen with customized homeopathy.

Watchword – Buying homeopathic products directly may not ensure this safety.

Why so? Homeopathy is a science. So the medicines are also to be taken in recommended doses. The dose and the medicine both, vary as per your personality and stage of disease. It is not a one-fit-for-all treatment.

What to do? Hence a patient must always first consult a good homeopathy doctor. Give him your history and then start treatment. This ensures safety and reliability.

Homeopathic treatment is holistic

A big benefit of homeopathic treatment is that it heals holistically. The science is based on certain laws and principles of nature.

These medicines do not just treat symptoms or a disease. The entire individual is taken into consideration. Much importance is given to understanding a patient’s personality & constitution.

Let us take the example of a girl who consults a homeopathy doctor for PCOD treatment. PCOD means polycystic ovarian disease. A girl with PCOD will have irregular periods, acne, obesity, or hair fall. In such a case a good homeopathic doctor will take into account 2 things

  1. Her symptoms of PCOD – which even a gynecologist will do
  2. Her emotions, stress, dreams, nature, and relations with people around her. What her feelings are in times of stressful periods of life or when there is tension?

In short, everything which defines her as a person is considered. These, no gynecologist will do. But a homeopath will (& should).

It is not done to give a value judgment.

But it serves to ensure a ‘complete’ and ‘holistic’ approach.

Homeopaths often say – ‘It is important to treat the patient, and not just the disease’.

Thus homeopathy is an art and science of treating diseases from the roots.

Want to cure your cold and cough from the roots?

Want to cure your anxiety from the roots?

Think to consult a good homeopath.

Similar voices are doing the rounds.

And, these are by people who have experienced the positive benefits of homeopathic treatment. 

Homeopathy treatment is best for Psycho-somatic illnesses

Present-day life is full of stress and strain.

Family disputes, break-ups in relationships, and work-life imbalance can take a toll on your health.

It can cause or worsen an illness. These are called psycho-somatic or stress-induced diseases.

Illnesses like acidity, anxiety, diabetes, IBS, and PCOS fall under this category.

Customized homeopathic medicines act on the mind and body.

So consulting a good homeopathy doctor is essential to cure such diseases.

A homeopath goes to the root of these diseases. He understands your emotions and nature very well. This helps to treat stress-induced diseases from the roots.

Benefits of homepathic treatment in skin diseases

One big benefit of homeopathic treatment is it is very effective in skin diseases.  It is so popular that in cases of atopic drematitis and warts, even dermatologists recommend to search a  homeopathy doctor for skin. A few examples where customized medicines have proved effective are: –

  1. Psoriasis
  2. Urticaria or hives
  3. Eczema – atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, nummular eczema
  4. Stasis eczema with varicose veins
  5. Acne
  6. Lichen planus
  7. Chronic itching
  8. Alopecia areata or patchy hair loss
  9. Warts

Benefits of homeopathic treatment for a child

Homeopathic medicines are a child’s best friend. Treatment is very beneficial for children. The sweet taste makes them readily acceptable to the child.

A few conditions for which mothers prefer a homeopathy doctor for a child are:-

  1. Frequent cough and cold
  2. Skin disease or allergy in a child
  3. Dentition problems,
  4. Childhood asthma
  5. Childhood psoriasis
  6. Seizures or fits
  7. Migraine
  8. Growth-related problems

Homeopathy medicines are cost-effective

A bonus benefit of homeopathy therapy is it is cost-effective. Hospital costs for some illnesses have skyrocketed.

In Mumbai in 2023, an operation for piles costs between INR 20000- 50,000. A surgery for fissure can range between INR 15,000 to 45,000.

In India, to remove kidney stones, the cost of laser surgery starts from INR 30,000. In the year 2023, the higher range for stone surgery is above INR 1,00,000.

As if that weren’t enough, there is no guarantee the kidney stones won’t recur. In fact in most cases they do.

Simple reason – the tendency to form stones, fissure or piles is not addressed by a surgery. 

In the language of holistic medicine, the root cause is not treated. 

It is here that treatments like homeopathy come to rescue. 

Comparatively, homeopathic treatments are lighter to a man’s pocket. It can not only be a big savior to the annual health budget of a family but also the nation. It is especially true in certain conditions like: –

  1. Recurring kidney stones
  2. Piles, fissure and fistula
  3. Recurrent cold and cough
  4. Frequent attacks of fever
  5. Migraine
  6. Infertility

You read it write. In 2023, many patients searched for a homeopathy doctor for PCOD and thyroid problems. The trend will continue in the years to come. 

A primary reason is these medicines do not contain hormones. This makes homeopathy safer for long-term use.

It is very vital when treating thyroid, PCOS and other hormone problems. For similar reasons, patients seek homeopathy treatment for diabetes. As a homeopathy doctor, Dr. Mehta has many cases of

  1. PCOD with acne and hair fall
  2. PCOS with irregular periods
  3. PCOS with missed periods
  4. Infertility and obesity

It is also true while treating thyroid problems. In 2023, many cases of Hashimoto’s thyroid and Grave’s disease have been treated by good homeopaths. It is done without using crude hormones or steroids at the Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Mumbai.

Such an approach ensures safety and a therapy free from side-effects.


With all these and many other benefits, homeopathic treatment is fast gaining popularity and acceptance in masses. Amongst all Alternate systems of medicine across the world its popularity is the highest. It is consumed by highest number of people in the world compared to other alternative medicines. 

It is time to search a good homeopathy doctor to reap the super benefits of homeopathic treatment.