Find the best homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment in Mumbai, India. Consult Dr. Mehta to get relief from headaches & pain and improve your health. Dr. Chintan Mehta is a leading homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment in Mumbai. He has a rich experience of over 25 years in managing migraines and headaches. He has seen and treated various health problems in his clinic in Mumbai & online.

Migraine treatment in homeopathy

At Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy Clinic in India, migraines of various types are treated. Be it Bangalore, Kerala, or Delhi, patients desire to get the best migraine treatment. Patients from across the world want freedom from migraines. They are desperately in search of home remedies, neurologists and the best homeopathy doctor in India. However most lack the proper knowledge to find the best treatment for migraines. They AYUSH system of medicine in India can help patients with such health issues. 

Homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment

Why to start migraine treatment

Migraines have a tremendous social impact on the overall life of a person. It happens to be one of the top health problems for frequent leaves at the workplace. It can also lead to family disputes. It has an alarming association with relationship problems and can lead to break-ups. Research also shows that chronic migraines can cause damage to some areas of the brain. Hence it is necessary to start migraine treatment at the earliest.

Start migraine treatment in homeopathy

Using painkillers like aspirin for treating migraines carries a danger of side effects. Acidity, stomach ulcers, liver damage, kidney damage, etc can result. Hence, it is advisable to treat these headaches holistically in a safe way.

Consulting a professional homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment is hence recommended. It is the best way, to get your health  problems treated safely and effectively.

With homeopathic medicines, patients have almost recovered from the clutches of this disease. Hence many patients seek to find the best homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment. 

Best migraine treatment in India

Being a chronic lasting disease, migraines need a holistic medication to treat it. It is important to find the root cause of the headaches in a case. This is especially true in a chronic case of headache.

How to get the best migraine treatment

Several factors are known to trigger pain. Different patients have their individual experiences of pain and suffering. Taking a painkiller may give instant relief. However, the best remedy is one that can affect the recurrence and intensity of the attacks. Patients from various nations like US, UK, and Australia, want such medication for their headaches.

For this, a medicine that acts on your tendency and roots is required. With a comprehensive approach, homeopathic medicines prove to be the best treatment for migraines. 

why start migraine treatment in homeopathy

Simply searching the web to find natural ways to cure headaches may give temporary relief. But for a lasting effect, you need to consult a homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment. During the consultation, a good homeopath will try to ascertain the pattern of your pains and distress. A medicine selected on these lines acts deeply.

Benefit of homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment

Even neurologists believe migraines to be incurable. Hence patients consult a professional homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment. Homeopathic literature is rich with medicines for treating headaches. The following are the benefits: –

  1. No side effects of homeopathic medicines taken after consulting a homeopath
  2. It can be safely taken for a long time
  3. Scientific and research-based therapy
  4. In-depth study of your case of headache – going to the root of every case
  5. Therapy addresses the stress points of a patient and other triggers of headache
  6. Very customized medication for pains
  7. Holistic therapy for headache

Effects of migraine treatment in homeopathy

A multicentric research study showed significant improvement after giving homeopathic treatment in children with migraine. There was a remarkable reduction in the intensity of headaches and abseentism from school.

Another study on adults showed reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks after giving Individualized homeopathic remedies. 

Migraine treatment in homeopathy at Dr. Mehta’s clinic

Many patients consult Dr. Mehta as a homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment. Dr. Mehta takes a complete case history of every patient in the clinic in Mumbai or online.

To get the best medicine for your headache convey the following data: –  

  1. Symptoms of your headache and
  2. About you as a person

Symptoms of your headache

  • Symptoms you have during the attack of pain
  • Complaints you have just before the pain starts – e.g. any unusual smell, visions, etc.
  • Where & when does the attack start and subside?
  • What type of pain & experience do you have? E.g. piercing, nail being driven in; as if in a grip, etc.
  • What factors trigger or worsen your attacks? E.g. Cold draft, Sun, noise, light, anger, etc
  • What things or conditions (besides medicines) give relief from headaches? E.g. bandaging tightly
  • What other symptoms do you have during migraine E.g. constipation, heartburn, depression, mood swings, anxiety, etc.?

About your nature, stress and tendency

While the above things help, it is important to know your nature and tendencies. It helps you find a good homeopathic remedy for migraine. For this, the following question may be addressed to you.

  • Which other diseases or complaints do you have – e.g. thyroid problem, PCOD or PCOS, GERD, cervical spondylosis, Arthritis, etc?
  • Likes and dislikes in matters of food, weather, activities, etc.
  • Details of your basic nature – this is the most important aspect of homeopathy and holistic medicine.
  • Stressful events in your life. What has been your response in terms of feelings and reactions during stress?
  • How has been your relationship with family, peers, and society? What has been its effect on you?
  • Fears and dreams you have or had

Migraine symptoms & diagnosis

A good homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment will spend some time for its diagnosis. As per recent research and protocols, the diagnosis is done by the following guidelines: –

A patient must have at least 5 attacks of headache with the below-mentioned symptoms: –

A) Headache with at least 2 of the below features

  1. A throbbing or pulsating pain in the head
  2. Pain on one side of the head – right or left
  3. Moderate to severe intensity of pain in the head.
  4. The intensity of the headache is so high that patients cannot do routine work.

B) The attack lasts for at least 4 hours if no pain-killer or analgesic has been taken.

C) Headache with at least 1 of the following features

  1. Nausea with or without vomiting during pain
  2. Inability to tolerate light or noise during a headache. In medical language, it is called photophobia (fear of light) & phonophobia (fear of noise) respectively.

D) All other causes of headaches are ruled out.

The CT scan & MRI of the brain are almost normal if you have migraines.

Type of migraines treated by homeopathy doctors and neurologists

As a homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment in Mumbai, Dr. Mehta treats several types of headaches.  Below is a list of various types treated in Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Mumbai or online. 

  1. Headache with or without aura
  2. vestibular type
  3. hemiplegic type
  4. retinal, ocular type
  5. chronic recurring attacks of headache
  6. abdominal type

Other types of head pain treated with homeopathy by Dr. Mehta

Due to eye strain, increased screen time, exertion, etc.

  1. Headache with constipation
  2. Pain in the head with acidity and vomiting
  3. Pain in the head felt before the periods or menses
  4. Headache after indigestion
  5. Sinus headaches

Migraine with Aura

In these patients, symptoms are preceded by the presence of an aura

What is an aura

  • During ‘aura’ certain symptoms are experienced before the headache starts.
  • These symptoms indicate that the attack of pain is about to begin.
  • Aura is reversible. A patient comes out of it fully after the headache.
  • It lasts for > 5 minutes and < 1 hour.

Symptoms in ‘aura’ phase -

  • Constipation and acidity
  • Seeing flickering lights, stars
  • seeing spots or zig-zag lines or black halos
  • numbness in the body
  • pricking like pins and needles in the body
  • difficult speech
  • increased thirst
  • increased appetite,
  • strong desire for sweets
  • excited mood
  • sleepiness

Migraines without aura

In this type, there are no symptoms of aura before the pains start. Other symptoms of typical migraines are present. Example: –

  1. Pain in one half of the head
  2. Nausea or vomiting
  3. Sensitivity to bright light and noise
  4. Severe throbbing hammering pain in the head

Neurologist for migraine treatment

A neurologist or a general practitioner will give medicine to give pain relief. Neurologists are experts for the diagnosis of a case of headache. However, the medication is focused on giving symptomatic relief. They may prescribe either of these: –  

  1. Medicines that relieve pain and inflammation – aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, etc
  2. Ergotamines and triptans
  3. An opioid group of remedies is tried if there is no response to triptans and aspirin,
  4. Hormones are prescribed if the pains are related to menstrual periods

Homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment

The main reason to consult a homeopathy doctor is to get a safe migraine treatment. Medicines prescribed by neurologists for pain can have severe side effects. They are particularly risky for a heart patient and a pregnant woman. Some of the possible side effects are: –

  1. Kidney damage
  2. Stomach ulcers and acidity
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Triptans can cause tightness in the chest and throat
  5. Heart attack or stroke

Homeopaths in India are qualified doctors to treat migraines. Give your case history to a homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment.

Homeopathic medicines for migraine treatment

Medicines like Kali bich, Natrum mur, Sanguinaria, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Sepia, etc are good for headaches. However, the best homeopathic medicine is selected according to the constitution of a patient. Constitutional medicines are found to be more effective in clinical practice.

Difference between a neurologist and a homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment

A neurologist will try to cure or treat your headaches as per the diagnosis. Symptomatic medicines for headache, vomiting and acidity are prescribed. Be it a neurologist in Mumbai, Chennai or the US, medication is almost same.

A homeopath will go a step further after your diagnosis. A good homeopathy doctor will try to understand and perceive the patient suffering from the disease. The approach is very unique and individualistic. Homeopathic medicine for one patient suffering from headache will differ from another patient. 

Example : – Patients will express their headache in different ways like:-  

  • throbbing pain, as if a hammer is being beaten,
  • as if a needle is poking,
  • as if the brain is moving from one side to the other,
  • as if the head is clutched by somebody.

A homeopath considers such peculiarities to prescribe a good remedy for your headaches. This makes homeopathic medication more holistic and effective in healing you from within.

Retinal or ocular migraine

  • Most common in women of childbearing age
  • The patient experiences vision problems – blurring or a temporary loss of vision
  • Loss of vision lasts for not more than 1 hour and is followed by headache
  • Pain is felt in or around the eyes
  • Headache is of a throbbing or pulsating type
  • Vomiting, light sensitivity, or intolerance to noise is present
  • Blindness is fully reversible.

Ocular migraine treatment

Treating ocular headaches is different from other migraines. Your neurologist or health care provider might prescribe aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain relief.

Ocular migraine treatment in homeopathy

A homeopathy doctor will select a medicine by including the symptoms of vision loss. Homeopathic medicines like Spigelia, Euphrasia,  Gelsemium, Onosmodium, etc can prove useful in treating ocular migraines. Homeopathic medicine prescribed on the patient’s constitution helps in healing it without side effects.

Vestibular migraine

  • The patient has vertigo with the headache in vestibular migraines
  • Frequent attacks of dizziness in a patient.
  • Inability to maintain the balance of the body.
  • Fear of falling and loss of balance with headache and vertigo
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Feeling of confusion

Vestibular migraine treatment

A neurologist or allopathy doctor must rule out other causes of vertigo. Then you may be given the following medication for treating vestibular migraines: –

  1. Medicines for pain relief and vertigo
  2. Medication may also include antidepressants and sedatives

Vestibular migraine treatment in homeopathy

 A homeopathy doctor will select a medicine after considering the symptoms of vertigo. Homeopathic medicines like Conium, Gelsemium, Onosmodium, Silicea, etc can prove useful in treating. A good homeopathy doctor will first study your entire case history before prescribing.

Hemiplegic migraine

  • Symptoms are very similar to a paralytic stroke
  • Your head pains as if a blood vessel were beating (throbbing)
  • Temporary paralysis can occur on one side of the body
  • Weakness is felt on one side of the body
  • Numbness or loss of sensation is felt on one side of the body
  • Pins and needles sensation are felt on one side of your body

Hemiplegic migraine treatment

A neurologist is an expert at diagnosis of this variety. Neurologists in India will give the following medication for treating hemiplegic migraines: –

  1. Medicines to lower blood pressure
  2. Anti-depression pills
  3. Medicines for seizures, fits, or convulsions

Hemiplegic migraine treatment in homeopathy

Once the diagnosis is confirmed a patient can find a homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment. A homeopath will treat it with two types of medicines: – 

  1. Homeopathic medicines specific for acute stroke-like symptoms
  2. Individualized homeopathic medicines that match the overall constitution of the patient

Abdominal migraine

A patient will complain of recurrent attacks of pain in the belly or stomach. Unlike the classical types, there is no headache. Symptoms are: –

  • Frequent episodes of stomach pain or pain in the abdomen (belly)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Affects children more than adults

Abdominal migraine treatment

  • Homeopathic medicines like Colocynth, Dioscorea, Granatum, Mag phos, etc can be tried.
  • If a patient has constipation and acidity, remedies like Nux vomica, Aloes socotrina, Bryonia alba, etc can give relief.
  • The dose of the remedy has to be selected by the homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment.

Chronic migraine

  • Repeated attacks of headache with or without aura
  • Head pains on one side last for many days in a month. In some cases, the patient can have daily attacks of headache. This is called ‘status migranosus’.

Chronic migraine treatment in homeopathy

Treatment of chronic migraine must be done with Individualized homeopathy medicines. The medicine for headaches must match the constitution of the patient. Then you can expect a proper lasting result. Simply prescribing for relief of symptoms will not cure it.

Severe migraine treatment

It is also known as status migrainosus. Pain lasts for 3 days (72 hours) or more. In simple words, the patient hardly has any freedom from pain. We have seen cases where severe distress has lasted for several days and weeks.

3 common causes of severe headaches

  1. Delay in starting therapy
  2. Incorrect treatments
  3. Abuse of allopathic medicines for headaches.

How to treat severe migraines

An integrated approach is required. Do 2 things: – 

  1. Consult a neurologist to confirm the diagnosis
  2. Find a good homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment

Home remedies for migraine treatment

  1. Take bed rest in a peaceful place
  2. Prefer to have a sound sleep
  3. Hydrate yourself adequately. Drink sufficient water.
  4. Consume juicy fruits
  5. If having acidity, try a bland diet like milk, ice cream, buttermilk
  6. Try curd mixed with sugar
  7. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, bright light, and noise

Triggers of migraine

  1. Stress
  2. Sun or light- heat, sunlight, or the presence of radiating light are very common factors to trigger a headache
  3. Noise
  4. Sleep loss
  5. Exertion – overwork, late nights, parties, shopping for long, etc can trigger an attack
  6. Increased screen time – Watching on a computer or mobile screen for long hours.
  7. Alcohol
  8. Hunger – missing a dinner, lunch, or observing a fast.
  9. Menstrual time – Headache starts or is worse a little before and during menses.
  10. Indigestion – Constipation, acidity, heartburn, and indigestion are associated with migraines
  11. Food preservatives
  12. Idiosyncrasy – this is a person’s tendency to react to certain substances. E.g. flour, chocolate, the smell of perfume etc.
  13. Vitamin deficiency – Research has shown that lack of Vitamin D and magnesium might be a contributing factor.

Main cause of migraines

The main cause is not a brain tumor, infection, or injury. In many cases, the main cause and trigger is the stress of a person. Probably the patient is unable to establish harmony & balance in life. An emotional disturbance in life and the patient is in stress. The nervous system and brain become sensitive. When such a fragile system is exposed to triggers, a patient is likely to get attacks of migraine headaches.

Hence it is very important to understand the patient’s nature and stress. It is a central part of migraine treatment in homeopathy at Dr. Mehta’s clinic.

Why Dr. Mehta to start migraine treatment in homeopathy

  1. Best homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment in Mumbai, India
  2. Highly experienced homeopathic doctor in Mumbai for chronic diseases
  3. Experience of over 24 years in treating health issues
  4. Seen and treated many cases of headaches in his clinic and online

How to start migraine treatment with Dr. Mehta in India

Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Mumbai follows the best clinical practices to treat headaches. Dr. Mehta is an expert homeopathy doctor for migraine treatment with homeopathic medicines.   

Consult with Dr. Mehta in Mumbai clinic

It is advisable for patients:-

  • Who stay in Andheri, Parle, Santacruz, or nearby area
  • Who stays in Mumbai or near the city of Thane and Navi Mumbai – Such patients can first consult in the clinic and later follow up by online video consultation.

Online migraine treatment with homeopathy doctor

Online consultation with Dr. Mehta is advisable if

  • You cannot visit the clinic in Andheri West:-
  • You are living anywhere in India
  • You are living in any country like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc

For online treatment with Dr. Mehta

  • Book an appointment. 
  • At the scheduled time, give a video call on WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom and consult online.
  • Give your case details sitting in the comforts of your home place. 
  • You can give your future follow-ups over a video call. 

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The Dr Chintan Mehta throughly understand the Problems and symptoms and listen all carefully. I was diagnosed with 02 Kidney Stones in Oct 2022. After taking his suggested medicines I was completely cured in 2 months. NO sign of my kidney stones in Sonography Done Recently.I am very Gratelfull to him and would recommend him to my near and dea ones.
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