Acidity treatment - Ways to treat GERD

Various types of effective acidity treatments are available in the medical world. Many are scientific and time-tested. From home remedies to consulting a gastroenterologist, or a good homeopathy doctor, the list is long.

Patients with heartburn and GERD are always searching for a cure for their health problems. While many natural, home remedy tips are available to treat acid reflux, most fail the test of time. Hence, patients move from pillar to post in search of effective ways for acidity treatment. But they don’t know what will prove effective to cure their case of acid reflux.

The article will focus on the 3 most effective and proven ways to treat acidity and GERD. These are not just ways but established systems of medicine. Hence, they are evidence-based therapies to manage and even cure gut problems.

Why start acidity treatment

Patients start acidity treatment for several reasons. Either they have a symptom or a disease that causes acid reflux.

Symptoms of GERD

GERD is also known as ‘Gastro Oesophageal reflux disease’. Basically, the contents of your stomach and gut regurgitate back into your food pipe (oesophagus). A patient will experience any of the following symptoms: –  
  1. Heartburn
  2. Chest tightness 
  3. Regurgitation of food or sour water
  4. Indigestion and gas
  5. Sour eructation and burps
  6. Headache with vomiting
  7. Constipation
  8. Pain in the stomach immediately after eating
  9. Burning in the stomach, chest, or throat
  10. Hunger pains
  11. The sensation of something lodged in the throat

Diseases that cause GERD and acid reflux

  1. Hiatus hernia
  2. Laxity of valve
  3. Gastritis
  4. Gastric ulcer
  5. Ulcer in duodenum
  6. Pancreatitis
  7. Gall bladder stone

A good doctor will first diagnose the cause of your problems before deciding how to treat GERD 

Conventional medicines to treat GERD

Conventional medicine is the one prescribed by an allopathic family doctor or a gastroenterologist. However, many patients with acid reflux and heartburn self-medicate.

How conventional medicines treat GERD

Conventional medicines mainly consist of antacids. Antacids are medicines that aim to counter the acid secretion from the stomach. While they may prove effective in giving instant relief, they have their limitations.  

Limitations of Conventional treatment for acidity

While highly consumed by patients, conventional medicines have limitations like

  • Inability to cure  GERD and heartburn. Recurrence of acid reflux is a possibility.
  • Side effects start in the long run after taking some of these medicines. This can possibly weaken your digestive system.
  • Do not act on the root cause like stress, allergy to food, etc.
  • Excessive dependence on these medicines. Many patients are compelled to consume it life-long.

Hence, many patients opt to find alternative solutions to cure acid reflux. A few try home remedies and many find a homeopathy doctor for GERD.

Acidity treatment in Homeopathy

Consulting a homeopathy doctor for acidity is fast becoming popular. Homeopathic medicines have the potential to treat GERD and acid reflux from the roots.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment for acidity

  • Good medicines to counter heartburn due to irregular diet
  • Effective remedies for acid dyspepsia after eating spicy, oily food, alcohol, etc.
  • No side-effects: Homeopathic medicines taken in ultra dilutions are safe as they are not harmful to the body.

All know that anger, hurry, and worry are exciting emotions. They can trigger heartburn and GERD. An irregular lifestyle can trigger attacks of indigestion. A good homeopath also considers these stress factors and emotions when giving medicines for acid reflux. 

Limitations of homeopathy to treat GERD

There is a high chance that patients will take homeopathic medicines from a pharmacy without consulting a homeopath.

One reason is that good homeopathy doctors and specialists are not available in many countries.

Also, patients find it a cheaper and a convenient option. They scroll the internet and take the medicine suggested on some YouTube channel. Many believe it will cure GERD or treat the gut problems. This is a big mistake and often proves ineffective.

Start proper treatment for acidity with homeopathy

Homeopathy is a therapy based on holistic principles. To treat and cure your acid reflux from the roots it is necessary to know your tendencies. This is why homeopathy can prove as the best and effective way for acidity treatment. But for this, it is required that you start medication under a qualified homeopathy doctor in Mumbai, India.

Ayurveda to treat GERD

The main aim of Ayurvedic therapy consists of avoiding or managing the cause. The cause of heartburn as per Ayurveda is ‘Pitta’ dosha or fault. Hence efforts are made to reduce or regulate this fault. Patients are advised to reduce food intake which increases ‘Pitta’. Thus lot of focus is given in Ayurveda on diet and lifestyle modification.

Foods to avoid for GERD as per Ayurveda

Food restriction is the mainstay of Ayurvedic therapy to get relief from indigestion and GERD.

  • Avoid oily and spicy food in excess
  • Avoid food at the wrong hours like late-night dinners
  • Avoid contaminated food or over-night food
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Practice yoga to relax the inner turmoil

Limitations of Ayurveda to treat GERD

Food restriction is not everyone’s cup of tea. It becomes difficult to practice in the long run.

This system of medicine may be effective in giving temporary relief. But to get a lasting cure or relief, one needs a different way.

Not everyone who consumes an Ayurvedic herb will get relief. Many find these remedies ‘hot’ and experience side effects or adverse events.

Self-medication in the name of ‘natural home remedies’ is a major medical problem in India. Hence patients do not get the desired effects.

Allopathy v/s Homeopathy v/s Ayurveda to treat GERD

There is no Allopathy v/s Homeopathy v/s Ayurveda for treating GERD. All these ways and systems of medicine have their pros and cons. However, the approach to treat and cure will vary. It depends on the diagnosis of your disease and its stage.

A patient with a perforation of an ulcer will need urgent surgery. He needs to consult a surgeon or a gastroenterologist.

A patient with recurrent heartburn and acid reflux problems needs to consult a homeopathy doctor.

You can try home remedies for heartburn in the absence of a homeopath. Diet and lifestyle modifications are advocated in some cases. They will not cure but are good to offer some relief from the acute episode.


Besides this, Ayurveda and Homeopathy are very effective holistic systems of medicine. Holistic treatments are based on an understanding of your nature and body constitution. 


A diagnosis of your symptoms is also essential before starting therapy. An integrative approach is a prudent and effective way to treat GERD and heartburn. Every system of medicine has its benefits and limitations. Treating acid reflux in a holistic and natural way is the need of the hour. Hence, traditional medicines like Homeopathy and Ayurveda are preferred in the treatment of acidity and GERD.

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