3 natural ways to treat PCOD

In search of a safe and long-term solution, patients want natural ways to treat PCOD. Females suffering from PCOS have cysts in their ovaries. An increase in male hormones in a female body is a medical cause of this disease. However emotional stress is also seen to be a major contributing cause. 

While the reasons for this syndrome remain conspicuous, the effects on health are severe. From acne & hair fall to diabetes and infertility, it can disturb your peace of life. With limitations in conventional medicine to treat this menace, the role of holistic therapies has become significant. Patients try various measures to cure polycystic ovaries and irregular periods.     

Why find natural ways to treat PCOD

Many patients consult a gynecologist for PCOD treatment initially. The answer most of them get is it cannot be cured. In many cases, the only treatment given by gynecologists is of a hormone pill or metformin. Being a chronic disease, these medicines have to be taken for a long period. The scare of side effects of these hormone pills works on minds of patients. Hence many girls resort to holistic and natural ways to treat PCOD. 

What happens in polycystic ovarian disease

A female suffering from polycystic ovarian disease will have any of the following symptoms:-

  1. Missed periods
  2. Irregular periods
  3. Fertility problems- inability to conceive naturally, inability to lose weight, etc.
  4. Excessive flow
  5. Weight gain
  6. Cosmetic problems like acne, hair fall, obesity, hirsutism, etc.
  7. Insulin resistance or high blood sugar levels
  8. Depression and anxiety

Natural ways to treat PCOD

There are 3 natural ways to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome.

  1. Exercise
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Homeopathy treatment

Inculcating these holistic ways in life can help to deal with your  PCOS naturally.

Benefits of treating PCOD in a natural way

  • No artificial hormone treatment
  • No side effects
  • Very holistic
  • Treats PCOS from the roots

Exercise to treat PCOS in natural way

To treat PCOS in a natural way, every professional recommends exercise, be it a gynecologist or a homeopath.

  1. It helps in reducing weight and belly fat
  2. Helps reduce cholesterol and improve digestion
  3. Improves breathing and reduce oxidative stress
  4. Improves insulin resistance and reduce high blood sugar due to diabetes

Types of exercise recommended to treat PCOD naturally

  1. Walking for at least 1 hour in a day.
  2. Brisk walk or jogging
  3. Cycling, swimming, aerobic exercises
  4. Abdominal exercises to reduce belly fat
  5. Yoga and meditation

Diet for treating PCOD in a natural way

A healthy diet also can help to cure your PCOD in a natural way.

A good homeopathy doctor for PCOD treatment will always insist upon a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Diet tips for PCOS patients

  1. Eat at the right time of the day. Avoid late night dinners.
  2. Include more proteins and minerals in your food. Cereals, pulses, skimmed milk are ideal.
  3. Avoid food rich in fat like fried foods, organ meat, liver, kidneys, etc.
  4. Avoid wafers, cheese, butter, pasta, french fries and aerated beverages
  5. Restrict alcohol consumption
  6. Eat food rich in healthy fats like almonds and walnuts
  7. Consume green leafy vegetables, dates and jaggery if you have excessive menstrual flow. This will prevent anaemia and help to correct iron deficiency due to blood loss.

Exercise and diet do appeal as natural ways to treat PCOD but are not sufficient. In many cases of polycystic ovarian syndrome, medical intervention becomes necessary. It is better to choose a treatment which is natural, holistic and free from side-effects. Here comes the role of a good homeopathy doctor for PCOD treatment.

Why homeopathic treatment for PCOS

  • No hormones in ultra-dilutions of homeopathic medicines. So can be safely taken for longer periods.
  • No toxic side-effects of homeopathic treatment taken after consulting a good homeopath.
  • A homeopathy doctor in India is qualified to treat PCOS
  • Can treat PCOD from the roots as it addresses the emotional stress also.

Tips to choose a homeopathy doctor for polycystic ovarian syndrome

  • Choose a qualified and experienced homeopathy doctor
  • Advocate individualized homeopathy over quick fix treatments
  • Choose a professional who is expert in taking case history
  • Be regular in your follow up with the homeopath


PCOS is a chronic long standing disease. It affects the overall health and well being of a girl and a woman. Staying on hormones for life time can be detrimental. Hence it is better to opt for natural ways to treat this syndrome. The trio of exercise, diet and homeopathic treatment offer the best natural solution for PCOS. Treat your PCOD in a natural way by embracing these 3 holistic treatments.