A search for the best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, India, is fast becoming a popular trend. With a rise of psycho-somatic diseases patients are realizing the need of a holistic health care. Many a search for a good homeopathy doctor near me to get a treatment free from side-effects. AYUSH system of medicine is also gaining ground owing to efforts by the government bodies.

A brainchild of Dr. Chintan Mehta, Standard Homeopathy clinic in Andheri provides world class treatment for acute and long-lasting chronic diseases. The health center has a calm, peaceful ambience and well-ventilated consulting rooms. The homeopathic clinic is also centrally located in Mumbai near Andheri and Parle areas.

Here you get a scientific, side-effect free, cost-effective, personalized treatment from one of the top-rated homeopathy doctors in Mumbai.

A supportive staff and an astute management help it find a top place among the best homeopathic clinics in Mumbai, India. 

Dr. Mehta's homeopathic clinic in Mumbai India

Best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai India

What makes Dr. Mehta’s the best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai

  • Wide range of diseases are treated at the health center in India.
  • Treatment from the highly experienced and academically sound homeopath
  • Availability of a wide range of well-researched medicines
  • Online consultation directly with the treating doctor is also available.
  • Near Andheri west station, Parle west station, metro station and airport.
  • Easily reachable from other areas of the city.

Treatment specialties of Standard Homeopathy

Standard Homeopathy Clinic is one of the best places for treatment of various acute & chronic diseases. After consultation with the doctor, you get high quality medicines for your respective complaints.  

Treating Acute diseases

Acute diseases are diseases or symptoms which last for few days to weeks. They come up quickly last for a short time and disappear in a short time.

Acute diseases treated at the homeopathic clinic in Mumbai

We treat acute cough, cold, throat pain, sinus pain, bronchitis, viral fever, dengue fever, etc.

Treatment of Chronic diseases

Dr. Mehta’s homeopathy dispensary in Andheri is popular for treating chronic diseases of different types. Chronic diseases are those which last for long time. They last for months, years or even whole life. In many cases symptoms subside and then recur.

Chronic diseases treated at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai.

Patients from across the globe approach the center in India for a holistic therapy of chronic diseases like: –

  1. Disease lasting for months or years. E.g. Arthritis and joint pain, Anxiety disorder, Thyroid problem, Allergy, etc. 
  2. Diseases that keep recurring again and again and have troubled patients for years – Tonsillitis, Migraine, Recurrent cold, cough, sinusitis, urticaria, asthma, lichen planus, urinary infection, piles etc. They are treated using individualized medicines given after consulting the doctor.
  3. Illness which has been increasing and progressing even after taking medicines – Psoriasis, PCOD with irregular menses, Diabetes, Depression etc.
  4. Diseases not responding to conventional allopathic treatment – Migraine, Infertility, Fistula, Kidney stone, Fissure, Anxiety disorder, IBS, etc. They are treated in a holistic way by Dr. Mehta.
  5. Autoimmune diseases – Like Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, SLE, Dermatomyositis etc.
  6. Life threatening diseases – Example cancer, kidney failure, cardiac failure, cirrhosis of liver, etc.
  7. Cases where surgery can be avoided – Kidney stone, Gall bladder stone, adenoids, piles, fistula, uterine fibroids, warts etc.

Best homeopathy doctor in Andheri for child care

Dr. Chintan Mehta is a popular homeopathy doctor in Andheri for childcare. He is the first choice of parents who are searching for a holistic therapy for their children. At his dispensary you get excellent medicines for a child with recurring complaints, cold, cough, skin rash, boils, worms, white spots, bed wetting, allergies, etc. Under his able guidance a parent is assured of a safe, gentle, and holistic healing of the child.

Patients treated at Dr. Mehta's Homeopathic clinic in Mumbai

At his homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, Dr. Chintan Mehta has treated patients from different walks of life. Students, teachers, doctors, nurses, businessman, entrepreneurs, housewives, engineers, etc. have consulted the homeopath for their health and fitness.

Treatment for all

We have successfully treated patients of all age groups at Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy in Andheri. Being on the ground floor it is easier for patients with arthritis, back pain and paralysis to visit the premise. Our aim is to give a helping touch to everyone in need. We have treated: – 

  • From an infant with teething problems to an aged person with arthritis or cancer.
  • From a child with cold, cough to an adult with acidity or hormone problem.

All those who desire to experience optimum health are welcome.

Dr. Chintan Mehta's consulting room in homeopathic clinic in Andheri
Ramakant Vishwakarma
Dr. Mehta sahab bahut hi achhe aur dayalu aadmi hai, bahut hi achha Anubhav hai, mai apne pet ki samasya lekar gaya tha doctor saheb ke pass aur inhone ne mera treatment achhe se kiya aur 90% tak thik ho gaya hu, abhi bhi mai dawa le raha hu mujhe asha hai mai 100% thik ho jaunga. Thanks Mehta Sir.
Ami Vadgama
In Dr. Chintan Mehta I could find one of the best homeopathy doctor in Mumbai for anxiety treatment. With severe panic attacks and anxieties I had visited Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Andheri west. I used to feel severe tightness and claustrophobia. Palpitations caused excessive panic and fear. I consulted Dr. Mehta in person in his clinic in Andheri. After his treatment for anxiety I have significantly improved. Besides his medicines, I could sense a genuine desire in the doctor to treat and cure his patients from the roots. His experience in the field became obvious when we consulted him and during the follow us. He guided us with the required investigations also. Initially when I was not feeling any significant improvement I became worried. But he inspired hope in me. This helped me to stay with the treatment. And the medicines have worked. My anxieties and panic attacks have improved. My faith in homeopathy, medicines and doctors prevailed. Highly recommended to anyone in search of a good homeopathy doctor for anxiety treatment.
nitin patil
Got immense benefit in my skin allery and itching after homeopathic treatment taken from Dr. Chintan Mehta in his clinic in Andheri. Found an expert homeopathy doctor in Andheri in Dr. Mehta. I had severe itching and cracks on my soles since many years. Tried various treatments for the same from different doctors of different systems. Some diagnosed it as psoriasis and some said it was eczema. All failed to give any lasting relief. When I started Dr.Mehta’s homeopathic treatment initially I didn’t improve much. He had taken my case history at his Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Andheri very nicely and in detail. So thought to give it a proper chance. After few months of treatment started feeling the improvement in itching in the soles. The cracks on the feet due to psoriasis or eczema have disappeared completely. The itching is almost gone. I also had a problem of allergic cold. Even this has shown improvement. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Vinayak Kadam
For my acidity and gerd complaints found a good homeopathy doctor in Andheri west in Mumbai at Dr.Mehta’s Homeopathy clinic. I have been having heartburn, bloating, burping and a dry cough with my reflux problem of gerd. I also had elbow pain and couldn’t exercise freely with it. I was in search of a good homeopathy doctor near me for acidity and joint pains. I had tried few good homeoapthic doctors in Andheri and nearby areas but with hardly any relief. In this condition with these of symptoms of gerd and arthritis I visited Dr.Mehta’s homeopathy clinic in Mumbai and consulted Dr. Mehta in Andheri. I have much relief in my complaints of gerd and acidity. No heartburn, bloating is less and elbow pain has disappeared. I can do my exercises freely now.
Shakeel Ahmed
The Dr Chintan Mehta throughly understand the Problems and symptoms and listen all carefully. I was diagnosed with 02 Kidney Stones in Oct 2022. After taking his suggested medicines I was completely cured in 2 months. NO sign of my kidney stones in Sonography Done Recently.I am very Gratelfull to him and would recommend him to my near and dea ones.
Krishiv Kanojia
Lichen planus cured. I was having severe skin itching due to lichen planus. I consulted Dr Mehta in his homeopathic clinic in Andheri Mumbai for lichen planus treatment. Large thick patches of discoloured skin on my both wrists, hands, knees, feet, ankle were present. Entire back was covered with tiny spots. I was facing terrible itching and not to forget the social embarrassment, the later being more troublesome than the former. Was applying few creams and taking allopathic medicine but with little relief. I wanted a cure for the problem and not without side-efects. That is when I met Dr. Mehta at standard homeopathy clinic in andheri for lichen planus. The problem was chronic and I was new to homeopathy. Dr. Mehta took my entire history which initially was a little amusing to me. I didn’t understand the connection between the questions and my skin itching and lichen planus. But I pursued it and gave the answers as best as I could. As the interview progressed I could connect and sense that I am going to get a holistic outlook to my case here. He asked me about my nature, emotions, stress and gave me some homeopathic medicines for lichen planus. Really some very little medicines. Couldn’t believe it will have an effect. Took it and was almost 30% better in first 3 weeks. He was seeing me in follow up every month. Today I can safely say am much better in my lichen planus symptoms. The back lesions have gone. The thick marks on hands and wrists have faded and there is no itching there. There is almost 80% improvement in my lichen planus. I as a person am feeling better. I could find in Dr. Mehta not just a very good homeopathy doctor for lichen planus in Mumbai for my case but also as a holistic healer. Really thankful.

Disease treated at Standard Homeopathy clinic

At Standard homeopathy in Andheri, we have treated a variety of disease. Illnesses like acidity, bronchitis, IBS, PCOS, anxiety, allergy, psoriasis, etc. have been healed. Years of consistent professional service has made us rank as one of the best homeopathy clinics in Mumbai around Andheri, Juhu and Parle areas. Some of the health issues for which patients visit us are described below.

You get a top class treatment for skin diseases at the homeopathic clinic in Mumbai. Some of the conditions of the skin treated by Dr. Chintan Mehta are: –

  1. Allergy, hives and urticaria
  2. White spots, boils and dark hyperpigmented spots on skin
  3. Psoriasis treatment
  4. Molluscum contagiosum
  5. Warts on face, neck, genitals, etc
  6. Corns
  7. Lichen planus treatment

Homeopathy treatment for nose, throat and lung problems

Dr. Chintan Mehta specializes in the homeopathy treatment of nose, throat and lung problems. Some examples of ENT, chest and lung diseases treated at his homeopathic dispensary in Andheri are: –

  1. Nasal polyp and nose block
  2. Sinusitis
  3. Frequent cold and cough
  4. Adenoids
  5. Asthma or asthmatic cough
  6. Bronchitis
  7. COPD and Bronchiectasis
  8. Lung fibrosis
  9. Eosinophilia
  10. Sleep apnea and
  11. Pulmonary hypertension

Several patients with arthritis, bone and joint problems seek a professional advice from our homeopathic doctor in Andheri. An in-depth study of your case helps you get relief from long standing pain and suffering. Patients who have gone from pillar to post for their arthritis and bone problems have found solace after sharing their case history with our homeopath.

Infertility treatment in India

Dr. Chintan Mehta is a popular homeopath in India for Infertility. He gives a holistic treatment to help a couple conceive naturally. The center in India is a go to place for all those who desire pregnancy in a holistic way. 

Male infertility treatment at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai

Male infertility due to low sperm count, abnormal sperms in semen, antibodies in semen analysis etc. are treated at the center.

Female infertility treatment at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai

Various conditions in female do not allow a natural conception. Individualized homeopathy medicines help such females to realize their dream to have a child. Treatment facilities for the following go on to Dr. Mehta’s the best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, India, for infertility: –

  1. Treatment for PCOD or PCOS 
  2. Infertility with Hypothyroidism
  3. Recurrent abortions or miscarriage
  4. Endometriosis
  5. Failed IVF or IUI

Social activities by Dr. Mehta

We, at the homeopathy clinic in Andheri, value our social commitments. The center is actively involved in the spreading awareness of health, fitness and holistic life in the society.

Dr. Mehta and his team has conducted awareness programs, lectures and health camps at various places in Andheri, Parle, Dadar, Worli. People from schools, kinder gardens, colleges and corporate sector have been benefited by the activities. All these have made the center popular and one of the best homeopathic clinics in Mumbai, India.

Educational activity by Dr. Mehta

Promoting health education is an area of special interest of Dr. Chintan Mehta. While treating patients, he is also actively involved in  educating medical students. As a homeopath, he conducts workshops and seminars for students and practitioners in the profession.

The way we treat at Standard Homeopathy clinic in Andheri

While treating his patients at the Standard homeopathy clinic in Andheri, Dr. Mehta adheres to the principles of holistic health. He understands and treats every patient as a person and not just as a part.

Example – If a patient has diabetes – Dr. Mehta will not just prescribe a medicine looking at your blood sugar reports. Besides your reports, he will study your likes, dislikes, temperament and tendencies. The type of stress you had in life and what you passed through in it is considered. This helps you get a customized therapy for your diabetes.

The system of treating is similar for any other chronic illness.

Aim of treating

The aim is to treat you in a safe and gentle way using holistic measures. We aim to reduce the frequency and intensity of recurring illnesses like cold, cough, migraine.

Besides medicines, we also give advice to our patients on diet and regimen, healthy life-style, yoga, exercises, etc when required.

Treatment is based on the experience and in-depth study of original literature and modern medicine.

How to reach Dr. Mehta's Homeopathic clinic in Mumbai

Dr. Mehta’s clinic is easily approachable from the surrounding locations in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. This adds on to make it, the best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, India.

It is centrally located in the busy western suburb of Andheri near the railway station, bus depot, metro station and the airport. It is also near Parle west station. It is situated near Irla, midway between Andheri and Vile Parle. 

For a patient in the city– Patients near Andheri, Jogeshwari, Parle, and Santacruz areas can travel by road. Patients staying in other cities of Thane and Navi Mumbai can travel by road, train, metro or bus. They can also ask for an online video consultation with our expert.

For a patient staying in other city in India – Patients staying in other cities in India can reach the health center by train or flight.

For patients outside India – A patient staying in a country out of India can reach the center by flight. The center is very near to the national and international airports in the city. He can also start online video consultation with our expert homeopath. 

For online consultation – Start online consultation by a video call over What’s app or Skype on the given date and time of appointment.

Why patients choose Dr. Mehta's homeopathic clinic in India

How to start treatment at Dr. Mehta's homeopathic clinic in Mumbai

The process to start treatment at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, India is very simple. To begin your therapy:-

Contact us – A patient can contact us by a call or filling the contact us form. You can brief the complaints or diseases you have or had in the form.

Book appointment – You can book an appointment with the doctor by phone or email.

Consultation day – On the day of appointment give your case details to the consulting homeopathy doctor. This can be done in person or online by video call.

In-person consultation with the doctor– You can start your consultation in person with our homeopathy doctor in Andheri west, by arriving in person on the date and time of appointment.

Online consultation with the doctor – To start online consultation with the doctor make a video call on Whats-app or Skype at the date and time of appointment. Narrate your complaints and entire history to us by sitting at the ease and comfort of your home or office.

Receive homeopathic medicines

After you have given your case details to the doctor:-

  • You will get the medicines from our center in Andheri west
  • Medicines can be availed by courier for those taking online consultation

Start a holistic treatment at the best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai.