The search for the best homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai, India, is a popular trend. Standard homeopathy clinic in Mumbai is a popular place in Andheri west for treating stomach pain, gas, bloating, & constipation. With a vast experience of over 24 years, Dr. Chintan Mehta is a reputed homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai. 

Patients of irritable bowel syndrome suffer from severe belly pain, bloating, and frequent desire to defecate. Many also have complaints like acidity, heartburn, gas or indigestion. Anxiety and depression are the natural outcomes. The quality of life is seriously compromised.   

Patients consult different specialists in AYUSH system in India and gastroenterologists. They try probiotics and various home remedies to get some respite. Irregular lifestyle, food habits, stress, and tension come in way of getting a healthy gut. Dissatisfied and desperate, they ultimately search for a good homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai and India.

At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Andheri, you get a holistic therapy for bloating, acidity, and heartburn. It helps to improve your quality of life with no side effects.

homeopathy doctor for ibs treatment

Homeopathy doctor for IBS Treatment

When to consult a homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment

It is wise to consult a good homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment. Book your appointment with an experienced homeopath when you have complaints like these: – 

  1. Constipation – hard stool, requiring straining
  2. Irregular bowel habits
  3. Moderate to severe pain, cramps, burning in the gut
  4. Unable to improve gut health even after many treatments  
  5. Mucus in stools
  6. Frequent urge to defecate
  7. Pain while defecating
  8. Gut problems after  food poisoning or gut infection
  9. Have irritable bowel syndrome with acidity, heartburn, etc.
  10. Tired of belly pain and cramps  
  11. Have stress in life, insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc.
  12. Have associated conditions like psoriasis, eczema, migraine, etc.

IBS symptoms treated by homeopathic doctors

Searching for a good homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in India, patients visit Dr. Mehta’s clinic with complaints like: –

Pain and tightness in the stomach & gut

Pain and tightness in the stomach or belly are felt by many patients. Medically it is called as ‘colic’. 

Different patients describe their pain in different ways. Some examples are:- 

  • stomach cramps 
  • pulling in the gut
  • belly pain as if a sharp needle were pocking inside
  • Feeling as if the gut was grasped 
  • Feels like being punched in the stomach
  • A sensation as if everything in the intestines is blocked 
  • A sensation as if intestines were twisted 

The way a patient describes the complaints to the homeopath is very important in deciding its suitable treatment

Urge to pass stool

There is an increased urge and frequency to pass stool. Few patients, who consult a homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment, also complain of passing scanty stool but with a severe urge. Selection of a homeopathic medicine for gut problems can change by such trivial differences. 

  • Example 1 – Patient says – I get relief in the pain and urge to defecate after passing stools. 
  • Example 2 – Patient says – My pain and urge to clear the gut stay even after defecating.

Both patients have a common complaint of urge. But an expert homeopath will choose a different remedy for either patient. 

Hence it is better to choose an experienced homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment

Unsatisfactory stools

A lack of satisfaction after passing stools is also common. Patients who consult with Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai for gut health often complain:- 

‘I do not get a clear and satisfactory stool. I have to make frequent visits to the toilet.’

Passing mucus and undigested food in stools is also seen often.


Patients also search for our expert homeopathic consultant for constipation and gas. 

Hard stools requiring straining can be a troublesome symptom. 

Chronic constipation and straining can lead to piles or fissures in the anus. In such cases treatment under a good homeopath for constipation is essential.


It is often described by patients as: – 

  • stools are thin and watery but very less in quantity
  • mucus in stools 
  • unclear poop
  • unformed feces

Alternate constipation and diarrhea

Some patients have a hard stool followed by thin mucus stools. There are a good number of homeopathic medicines that can help to manage alternate constipation and diarrhea. 

Examples are Nux vomica, Antim crud, Chelidonium, etc.

Mucus in stools

The presence of mucus in the stools is a symptom of  inflammation and ulcers in the gut.

Patients who search for a homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai, often complain of passing mucus.  


Gas & bloating

A homeopath is also consulted to get relief from gas, bloating, and acidity. 

There are many homeopathic medicines for the treatment of gas, and bloating. Examples are Cinchona, Carbo veg, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, etc.

Choosing the appropriate remedy for these symptoms is an art mastered by Dr. Chintan Mehta. This also makes him the rank high as a homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in India.

Get the best homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai, India, at Dr. Mehta’s clinic

High-risk symptoms absent in Irritable bowel syndrome

Often patients present in a homeopathic clinic for Irritable bowel syndrome with high-risk symptoms. These symptoms are danger signals as they point to the presence of a severe disease. A good homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment will first exclude the presence of the following symptoms in a case: –

  1. Weight loss – Weight loss is usually never a symptom of this disease. Weight loss can be due to tuberculosis of the intestines or colon cancer. 
  2. Blood in stools – The presence of blood in stools indicates some other disease. 
  • If bleeding is painless and there is no weight loss it is suggestive of piles.
  • If blood in stool is mixed with mucus it can be dysentery, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.
  1. Diarrhea at night – It is uncommon.
  2. Age above 50 years – Some patients above 50 years of age with gas and acidity consult a homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in, India. In such cases, one must investigate exclude other serious illnesses of the gut.

As a homeopathic doctor in Andheri, we may advise an opinion of a gastroenterologist in such cases. The investigations advised help to rule out the presence of any serious illness. A good homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment may also recommend you undergo a USG or colonoscopy. 

Irritable bowel syndrome diagnosis by a homeopath

As an expert homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai, Dr. Mehta follows standard protocols to arrive at its diagnosis. It is the first and most necessary step in the treatment. It is important to exclude similar diseases of the gut. At the homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, we diagnose it based on your symptoms and examination.

Which test help in the diagnosis irritable bowel syndrome?

There is no specific test for the diagnosis. You may be advised a few tests to exclude certain diseases of the gut.

Rome criteria for diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome

At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in India, we follow the Rome criteria for diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome

  1. Pain or discomfort in the belly region
  2. Pain in the belly is present for at least 1 day a week in the last 3 months. 
  3. Pain or discomfort in the abdomen related to gut movements. 
  4. Belly pain in irritable bowel syndrome is present with 2 or more of the following:-
  • change in frequency of stool and toilet habits
  • change in the appearance of stool 
Ramakant Vishwakarma
Dr. Mehta sahab bahut hi achhe aur dayalu aadmi hai, bahut hi achha Anubhav hai, mai apne pet ki samasya lekar gaya tha doctor saheb ke pass aur inhone ne mera treatment achhe se kiya aur 90% tak thik ho gaya hu, abhi bhi mai dawa le raha hu mujhe asha hai mai 100% thik ho jaunga. Thanks Mehta Sir.
Ami Vadgama
In Dr. Chintan Mehta I could find one of the best homeopathy doctor in Mumbai for anxiety treatment. With severe panic attacks and anxieties I had visited Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Andheri west. I used to feel severe tightness and claustrophobia. Palpitations caused excessive panic and fear. I consulted Dr. Mehta in person in his clinic in Andheri. After his treatment for anxiety I have significantly improved. Besides his medicines, I could sense a genuine desire in the doctor to treat and cure his patients from the roots. His experience in the field became obvious when we consulted him and during the follow us. He guided us with the required investigations also. Initially when I was not feeling any significant improvement I became worried. But he inspired hope in me. This helped me to stay with the treatment. And the medicines have worked. My anxieties and panic attacks have improved. My faith in homeopathy, medicines and doctors prevailed. Highly recommended to anyone in search of a good homeopathy doctor for anxiety treatment.
nitin patil
Got immense benefit in my skin allery and itching after homeopathic treatment taken from Dr. Chintan Mehta in his clinic in Andheri. Found an expert homeopathy doctor in Andheri in Dr. Mehta. I had severe itching and cracks on my soles since many years. Tried various treatments for the same from different doctors of different systems. Some diagnosed it as psoriasis and some said it was eczema. All failed to give any lasting relief. When I started Dr.Mehta’s homeopathic treatment initially I didn’t improve much. He had taken my case history at his Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Andheri very nicely and in detail. So thought to give it a proper chance. After few months of treatment started feeling the improvement in itching in the soles. The cracks on the feet due to psoriasis or eczema have disappeared completely. The itching is almost gone. I also had a problem of allergic cold. Even this has shown improvement. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Vinayak Kadam
For my acidity and gerd complaints found a good homeopathy doctor in Andheri west in Mumbai at Dr.Mehta’s Homeopathy clinic. I have been having heartburn, bloating, burping and a dry cough with my reflux problem of gerd. I also had elbow pain and couldn’t exercise freely with it. I was in search of a good homeopathy doctor near me for acidity and joint pains. I had tried few good homeoapthic doctors in Andheri and nearby areas but with hardly any relief. In this condition with these of symptoms of gerd and arthritis I visited Dr.Mehta’s homeopathy clinic in Mumbai and consulted Dr. Mehta in Andheri. I have much relief in my complaints of gerd and acidity. No heartburn, bloating is less and elbow pain has disappeared. I can do my exercises freely now.
Shakeel Ahmed
The Dr Chintan Mehta throughly understand the Problems and symptoms and listen all carefully. I was diagnosed with 02 Kidney Stones in Oct 2022. After taking his suggested medicines I was completely cured in 2 months. NO sign of my kidney stones in Sonography Done Recently.I am very Gratelfull to him and would recommend him to my near and dea ones.
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Psychological effects of irritable bowel syndrome

Being aware of your inner conflicts is crucial in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. This fact is often neglected in conventional therapy with probiotics and analgesics. An experienced homeopath will never miss this fact and include it while treating a case. Some of the psychological effects seen by our homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai, India, are:-

Excessive thinking

The person remains preoccupied with the symptoms of belly pain, gas, and bloating. They are unable to focus on their work and studies. They cannot give full justice to their work and do excessive thinking. 


Fear of having some incurable disease, cancer, or tumor can come up in patients. The anxiety persists even when the investigation shows no tumor or ulcer. As the homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai, we often focus on understanding this anxiety in a patient. This approach helps the doctor find good homeopathic treatment for your frequent urge to clear the bowels and anxiety. 


Sadness, low mood, and depression can occur. A patient can be sad and in a low mood due to constipation and gas and vice versa. At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic, the interview focuses on the study of these emotions. 

Homeopathic treatment considers finer aspects these emotions and stress. This makes it a very holistic approach to maintaining good gut health.

Diseases coexisting with irritable bowel syndrome

As a professional homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai, Dr. Mehta will also focus on the coexisting diseases. Some associated conditions presented at the homeopathic clinic in Andheri are:- 

  1. Acidity & burning in the stomach
  2. Nausea, vomiting 
  3. Water brash 
  4. Pain in the stomach after eating or Pain felt on empty stomach – It is due to an ulcer in the stomach or duodenum. 
  5. Heartburn
  6. Indigestion 
  7. Gas and bloating
  8. GERD 
  9. Loss of sleep – Stress or an increased urge to pass stools can disturb sleep. Patients seek help from our homeopathy doctor for IBS in Mumbai for sleep loss. 
  10. Anxiety – Belly pain and the urge can cause anxiety in patients. 

Cause of IBS as per homeopathic doctors

As per homeopathic doctors, the cause of irritable bowel syndrome can be external and internal.

Internal cause of Irritable bowel syndrome

Emotional causes

A disturbed mind with stress, hidden anger, hate, jealousy, insults, etc form a perfect soil for developing this disease.

IBS treatment from the root at Dr. Mehta’s clinic

As a homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai, Dr. Mehta studies the finer shades of these emotions. He will analyze your entire case history to decide upon a suitable homeopathic treatment for your complaints. The approach is very holistic and rewarding. It functions on the simple concept that – ‘No two patients are the same and so their treatments differ’. Example:-

Patient 1 says – ‘I get angry and insulted by slight remarks made by others on me. With anger, I have an intense desire to kill the other person.’ 

Patient 2 says – ‘I get irritated when things are not in their proper place’.

Both patients are angry and irritated. But the cause of their irritation is different. They will receive different medicines for their irritable bowel syndrome from our homeopathy doctor in Mumbai.

Disturbed childhood

Research shows that a disturbed childhood can lead to constipation and bloating in later life. A few common issues we find at the homeopathic clinic in Mumbai are:- 

  • loss of loved ones, relationship problems, parental conflicts,
  • sibling rivalry
  • feeling neglected
  • insecurities etc 

Your constitution & nature

A hyper-reactive and irritable system can easily irritable bowel syndrome if emotions are suppressed. Even a person with gentle & sober nature can get constipation and indigestion. At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, we study your nature in depth to treat your complaints from the roots.

Stress in life

Unresolved conflicts due to stress in life can be a major cause of indigestion, acidity, and pain. As a homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in India, Dr. Mehta is expert in understanding a ‘person in this conflict’.

The patient must highlight and share these freely with the homeopath to get proper holistic therapy.

External causes of Irritable bowel syndrome


After infection of the intestines or food pipe one can get alternate diarrhea and constipation. Homeopathic treatment focuses on the symptoms of infection in such cases. 

Food allergy

Allergy to certain food can trigger loose motions, vomiting, and belly pain. A patient must observe things that trigger their symptoms and convey them to the treating homeopath. It can help him to choose a good medicine for a patient’s problem. 

A good homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment will always like to know the cause of your complaints.

Types of IBS treated in the homeopathic clinic in Andheri

Type 1

Constipation is a major symptom in Type 1. It is also called type-C. In these cases, there can be bloating, gas, and urgency. A patient will complain of irregular bowel habits to the homeopath. Severe straining or no desire at all to pass stool are common symptoms seen in the homeopathic clinic in Andheri.

Type 2

Diarrhea and mucus stools are major symptoms of type 2. It is also called as type D. 

A sudden and frequent urge to defecate is often seen by homeopaths treating type 2 irritable bowel syndrome.

Type 3

There is an alternating state of constipation and diarrhea in the same patient.

Many patients with irritable bowel will complain of a painful, hard stool followed by mucus discharge.

Type 4

It can be the second most common form seen by a homeopathic doctors in Mumbai, India. The stomach pain and bloating start after getting an infection of the intestines. It is also called post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome.

How Dr. Mehta treats Irritable bowel syndrome

Dr, Chintan Mehta is a reputed homeopath in India associated with the NCH. At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, we treat irritable bowel syndrome with customized medicines. The selection of these medicines is based on the case history we receive. Case history and analysis include the following: –

  • Detailed study of symptoms presented – A clinical examination and check-up of the gut. 
  • Study of the effects of symptoms on the patient and his life 
  • In-depth study of patient’s constitution & emotions
  • Analysis of the case with literature search and software 
  • Selection and dispensing of the homeopathic medicine from the Mumbai clinic in the required dose.

Homeopathic medicines for IBS

A study of the original literature shows several excellent homeopathic remedies for treating IBS.  What requires is a correct choice of medicine. This is best done by a professional homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment. The selection of a suitable remedy depends on its match to the patient’s symptoms and personality.

From a large list of 141 remedies used at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic for IBS treatment here are a few names – Nux vomica, Aloes socotrina, Anacardium, Podophyllum, Silicea, Alumina, Lycopodium, Cinchona off, Sulphur, Colocynth, Dioscorea. 

It is important to take the remedy in an appropriate power and dose. These remedies have the potential to treat gas, bloating, and acidity from the roots. Hence it is required that you consult the best homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment. 

What is the best homeopathic medicine for irritable bowel syndrome?

The best homeopathic medicine for irritable bowel syndrome is the one that matches the symptoms and constitution of the patient. At his homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, India, Dr. Chintan Mehta masters this art of remedy selection. This helps to bring immense relief to the suffering of a patient with bloating, acidity, and constipation. 

Relieve IBS in a natural way with homeopathy

At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in India, the following measures may be advised. These measures that help to relieve your symptoms in a natural way are: – 

  1. Yoga – Yoga asanas if required are advised as per the need of the patient. It can ease anxiety and help to get some relief from gas, bloating, and pain in a holistic way.
  2. Diet management – Based on your symptoms & nature, our homeopathy doctor for IBS in Mumbai may recommend a few dietary habits. 

Example – Taking curd or yogurt may be good for some patients with irritable bowel syndrome but some with lactose intolerance react to it. 

Why Dr. Mehta for treating IBS

Why a homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment?

It is important to consult a professional homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment. Our customized treatment at Dr. Mehta’s Standard homeopathic clinic in Mumbai has the following key highlights:-

Importance to mind & emotions

Mind and emotions can play a major role in the cause & cure of irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome is a psychosomatic illness as per the international classification of diseases. Dr. Mehta puts much emphasis on the effect of the mind on the body. Medicines selected after consulting the homeopathy doctor are very effective in psychosomatic diseases. 

No side effects of remedies

Remedies do not contain harmful chemicals or metals in a crude form. Treatment taken after proper consultation with the homeopath has no toxic side effects. This is the biggest benefit of consulting an expert professional for gas, acidity, and bloating.

Holistic approach

At the Standard homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, treatment takes into consideration the body, mind, and soul of a patient. This holistic approach ensures a therapy free from side effects and healing from the roots. It is the best therapeutic option to maintain a healthy gut safely.

Rich literature

Homeopathic literature is rich in medicines acting on the gut. It has many remedies for constipation, bloating, frequent urge to clear bowels, etc. 

Find the best homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai to cure it from the roots.

How to consult the homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai

Dr. Chintan Mehta is registered with the MCH as a homeopathic doctor in Mumbai. You can start treatment under the best homeopathy doctor for IBS in Mumbai, India, in 2 ways –

Consult with Dr. Mehta in the clinic

It is advisable for patients:-

  • Who stay near Dr. Mehta’s clinic in Parle, Andheri, Santacruz, Jogeshwari and Goregaon areas.
  • Who stays in Mumbai or near the city of Thane and Navi Mumbai – Such patients can first consult in the clinic and later follow up by online video consultation.

Consult online with Dr. Mehta

Online video consultation with Dr. Mehta is advisable if you cannot visit the homeopathic clinic in Andheri west:-

  • Living anywhere in India
  • Living in any country like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc

For online consultation with Dr. Mehta

  • Book an appointment. 
  • At the scheduled time, give a video call on WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom and consult online.
  • Give your case details sitting in the comforts of your home place. 
  • You can give your future follow-ups over a video call. 

Start your therapy with the best homeopathy doctor for IBS treatment in Mumbai. Book your appointment at Dr. Mehta’s clinic.