The search for the best homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, India, is rising. With an experience of over 24 years, Dr. Mehta is an expert homeopath for acid reflux, and gas problems. Dr. Mehta’s Standard homeopathy clinic is popular in Andheri and Parle areas for treating indigestion, heartburn, gas, etc. Many patients visit Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, for stomach ulcer & GERD.

Customized homeopathic medicines can relieve or cure digestive problems from the roots. Absence of any toxic side-effects make these medicines more acceptable. 

At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in India, you also get consultation for diet & lifestyle changes for acid-reflux. Get treated from the best homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, India. 

Know more about

  1. the different types of acidity
  2. Its causes and
  3. how as a homeopath, Dr. Mehta treats acid-reflux.

Homeopathy doctor for Acidity treatment

homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai
Dr. Chintan Mehta treating acid reflux in his clinic in Andheri.

Find a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai

Many patients want to find a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, India. Stress and irregular eating habits have increased the incidences of gas, bloating and heartburn.

Treatment options are few and the suffering is intense. So, patients fall prey to advertisements and herbal products available. Over time patients realize the ineffectiveness of these so-called natural products. They at best give a temporary relief.

Given the scenario, to search for an expert homeopath for acid reflux becomes a necessity. 

Effectiveness of homeopathic treatment in acidity 

People in India are experiencing the efficacy of AYUSH system of medicine. While the use of Ayurvedic herbs is popular in Indian culture, homeopathic medicines are fast gaining popularity. A big reason is an absence of side effects in these medications. 

Hence it becomes compelling to find a good homeopathy doctor for acidity in Mumbai. 

Dr. Mehta is a qualified, registered homeopath with the NCH in India. He treats many types of digestive problems in his clinic in Andheri.

Why search a doctor for gas and acidity treatment in India

Searching a doctor for gas and acid reflux may sound a little too much in India. But these, with heartburn and bloating are signs of a weak digestive system. They may also be early signals of a major illness like: –  

  1. Ulcer in the stomach or duodenum
  2. Colitis or ulcers in the intestines 
  3. Pancreas problem like pancreatitis 
  4. Fatty liver or gall stones 
  5. Heart problem like block in the blood vessels 

Hence it is prudent to find a professional to treat gas and GERD in India.

Why take medicines for acid reflux after consulting a doctor

For gas and acid reflux few practices are very common in Indian patients: –  

1. buying herbal medicines from the internet

2. churans from a pharmacy  

3. consume ayurvedic medicines on their own. 

Examples – 

1. Taking Kayam Churan for indigestion is very popular in India. 

2. Using castor oil or ‘harde’ tablets daily to clear bowels is also practiced in India.  

Danger of self-medication in acidity treatment

Such habits of self-medication prove dangerous in the long run.

You will not know what disease is causing your symptoms of bloating and heartburn. It could be a gall stone, Gerd or ulcer in the stomach. As age advances sinister diseases like a cancer cannot be ruled out. 

It is ideal to first diagnose your problem. A good gastroenterologist or a homeopath can help you with this. It can later be treated properly under an experienced professional specialist or homeopath. 

Eating so-called ‘natural’ & ‘herbal’ medicine from pharmacy is not a proper way of treating acid reflux, and bloating. While it may give temporary relief, it does not treat your disease from the roots. 

Hence it is wise to search a good homeopath near me for indigestion and gas problems.

Why search a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment

Patients search a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment for many reasons: –

  1. gas
  2. heartburn 
  3. indigestion
  4. chest tightness
  5. Some turn to a homeopath after trying other treatments.

A good number of them search for Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai in Andheri and Parle.

Benefit of consulting a qualified homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment

A homeopath is qualified to treat ulcers, IBS, gastric ulcers, GERD etc. Homeopathic medicines taken after consulting a professional has no toxic effects. These medicines can treat acid reflux and heartburn from the roots.

An experienced homeopath can also help you with a proper diagnosis of the complains. 

For this reason, searching a professional homeopath near me is a safe choice for gas, bloating & GERD. 

Ramakant Vishwakarma
Dr. Mehta sahab bahut hi achhe aur dayalu aadmi hai, bahut hi achha Anubhav hai, mai apne pet ki samasya lekar gaya tha doctor saheb ke pass aur inhone ne mera treatment achhe se kiya aur 90% tak thik ho gaya hu, abhi bhi mai dawa le raha hu mujhe asha hai mai 100% thik ho jaunga. Thanks Mehta Sir.
Ami Vadgama
In Dr. Chintan Mehta I could find one of the best homeopathy doctor in Mumbai for anxiety treatment. With severe panic attacks and anxieties I had visited Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Andheri west. I used to feel severe tightness and claustrophobia. Palpitations caused excessive panic and fear. I consulted Dr. Mehta in person in his clinic in Andheri. After his treatment for anxiety I have significantly improved. Besides his medicines, I could sense a genuine desire in the doctor to treat and cure his patients from the roots. His experience in the field became obvious when we consulted him and during the follow us. He guided us with the required investigations also. Initially when I was not feeling any significant improvement I became worried. But he inspired hope in me. This helped me to stay with the treatment. And the medicines have worked. My anxieties and panic attacks have improved. My faith in homeopathy, medicines and doctors prevailed. Highly recommended to anyone in search of a good homeopathy doctor for anxiety treatment.
nitin patil
Got immense benefit in my skin allery and itching after homeopathic treatment taken from Dr. Chintan Mehta in his clinic in Andheri. Found an expert homeopathy doctor in Andheri in Dr. Mehta. I had severe itching and cracks on my soles since many years. Tried various treatments for the same from different doctors of different systems. Some diagnosed it as psoriasis and some said it was eczema. All failed to give any lasting relief. When I started Dr.Mehta’s homeopathic treatment initially I didn’t improve much. He had taken my case history at his Standard Homeopathy Clinic in Andheri very nicely and in detail. So thought to give it a proper chance. After few months of treatment started feeling the improvement in itching in the soles. The cracks on the feet due to psoriasis or eczema have disappeared completely. The itching is almost gone. I also had a problem of allergic cold. Even this has shown improvement. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Vinayak Kadam
For my acidity and gerd complaints found a good homeopathy doctor in Andheri west in Mumbai at Dr.Mehta’s Homeopathy clinic. I have been having heartburn, bloating, burping and a dry cough with my reflux problem of gerd. I also had elbow pain and couldn’t exercise freely with it. I was in search of a good homeopathy doctor near me for acidity and joint pains. I had tried few good homeoapthic doctors in Andheri and nearby areas but with hardly any relief. In this condition with these of symptoms of gerd and arthritis I visited Dr.Mehta’s homeopathy clinic in Mumbai and consulted Dr. Mehta in Andheri. I have much relief in my complaints of gerd and acidity. No heartburn, bloating is less and elbow pain has disappeared. I can do my exercises freely now.
Shakeel Ahmed
The Dr Chintan Mehta throughly understand the Problems and symptoms and listen all carefully. I was diagnosed with 02 Kidney Stones in Oct 2022. After taking his suggested medicines I was completely cured in 2 months. NO sign of my kidney stones in Sonography Done Recently.I am very Gratelfull to him and would recommend him to my near and dea ones.
Krishiv Kanojia
Lichen planus cured. I was having severe skin itching due to lichen planus. I consulted Dr Mehta in his homeopathic clinic in Andheri Mumbai for lichen planus treatment. Large thick patches of discoloured skin on my both wrists, hands, knees, feet, ankle were present. Entire back was covered with tiny spots. I was facing terrible itching and not to forget the social embarrassment, the later being more troublesome than the former. Was applying few creams and taking allopathic medicine but with little relief. I wanted a cure for the problem and not without side-efects. That is when I met Dr. Mehta at standard homeopathy clinic in andheri for lichen planus. The problem was chronic and I was new to homeopathy. Dr. Mehta took my entire history which initially was a little amusing to me. I didn’t understand the connection between the questions and my skin itching and lichen planus. But I pursued it and gave the answers as best as I could. As the interview progressed I could connect and sense that I am going to get a holistic outlook to my case here. He asked me about my nature, emotions, stress and gave me some homeopathic medicines for lichen planus. Really some very little medicines. Couldn’t believe it will have an effect. Took it and was almost 30% better in first 3 weeks. He was seeing me in follow up every month. Today I can safely say am much better in my lichen planus symptoms. The back lesions have gone. The thick marks on hands and wrists have faded and there is no itching there. There is almost 80% improvement in my lichen planus. I as a person am feeling better. I could find in Dr. Mehta not just a very good homeopathy doctor for lichen planus in Mumbai for my case but also as a holistic healer. Really thankful.

Diagnosis of acidity

Dr. Mehta is an expert homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, India. He lays much emphasis on its diagnosis. In his clinic in Andheri. He will arrive at its diagnosis in 3 steps –

Listening to your complaints – A good homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment will carefully listen to your symptoms. He may ask you some questions like: –

  1. What are the different symptoms you have?

        Example – Pain in stomach, heaviness, regurgitation, heartburn, tightness, choking, ulcer pain, gas, constipation etc.

  1. Where exactly is the burning or abnormal sensation present?
  2. When are the symptoms coming, increasing, or decreasing?
  3. Does pain have any relation to food?

Examining the belly – A professional homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment must examine the entire patient. Examination of the abdomen includes –

Taking an outer look at the abdomen – It is important to know the shape of the abdomen, the presence of scars, swelling, etc.

Palpating the abdomen – A physician may get a feel of the inner organs like liver by palpating. 

Striking the abdomen with a finger – A good clinician will also check for presence of any abnormal sound in the stomach. It is done to check for accumulation of any gas or some swelling.

  1. If your stomach is filled with gas, it gives the sound of a drum.
  2. If there is constipation, tumor or fluid, the sound produced is a dull and hard.

Auscultation of the abdomen – A clinician may also use a stethoscope to check for any sounds in your bowels. He listens for any abnormality in your stomach, intestines or blood vessels. 

  • Example – If a patient has absolute constipation, no sounds can be heard in the stethoscope. 

Investigation reports – Forward any investigation reports you have. If checked by a gastroenterologist, present his notes to the treating homeopath. In the clinic you may be advised to get other investigations for gas and heartburn. 

Investigations advised by a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment

The best homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment will always want to investigate your case. Some investigations we suggest at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Andheri are: –  

  1. Blood and stool examination: – It is a basic check-up to detect any abnormality.
  2. USG: – The homeopath may suggest a USG. It helps to diagnose hiatus hernia, gas in stomach, block in the intestines etc.
  3. Gastro-duodenoscopy: – It is an advanced investigation. As a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, India, Dr. Mehta advises it in a few cases. A gastroenterologist performs the endoscopy procedure. It helps to see the inner lining of the upper digestive tract. It can rule out causes like a stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, and tumor.
  4. pH monitoring: – The test is useful in GERD. It shows the pH value of the contents entering the food pipe from the stomach.
  5. Esophageal manometry: – It helps in diagnosing diseases of the esophagus like achalasia cardia.
  6. Barium meal X-ray: – This test also detects the presence of any disease in the food pipe or the stomach. 

Stress, GERD and homeopathic treatments

Stress plays a major role in deciding the homeopathic medicine for acid reflux and GERD. Stress stimulates the nerves in our brain and releases some chemicals. These chemicals increase the acid production in stomach. This causes heartburn, sour eructation, burping, regurgitation, etc. in any patient.

In a metro city like Mumbai stress, tension and anxiety are very common. As an expert homeopath for gut problems, Dr. Mehta gives huge importance to the type of stress you had. This makes his approach unique in treating gastro-intestinal diseases. Some of the stresses and emotions that accompany acid reflux and GERD are: –

  • Over thinking,
  • Family anxiety,
  • Business worry,
  • Anger, Rage,
  • Insults

During your interview with our consultant homeopath tell your reaction during stress. You will get a medicine that matches your personality & reactions to stress.

Example 1 – A patient remains very busy with his work and neglects his health. He indulges in spicy food and smoking. He may need homeopathic medicines like Merc. sol, Nux vomica, etc.

Example 2 – A patient is very restless but mild, friendly, but a little fearful. He loves to eat ice cream. He may need homeopathic medicines for GERD like Phosphorus.

Triggers of acidity

Convey to our homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, what triggers your symptoms. Few triggers we found in patients who have taken consultation at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Andheri are:-

  1. Irregular lifestyle
  2. Spicy food
  3. Food rich in oil and fat
  4. Eating heavy meals late at night
  5. Loss of sleep
  6. Lying down on the back immediately after dinner or lunch
  7. Overeating or fasting
  8. Smoking

Diseases which cause GERD & their management

As per doctors, heartburn and indigestion are symptoms of GERD, hiatus hernia, ulcer etc. These are outward symptoms of an inner disease of the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, gall bladder etc.

At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Andheri, we treat and cure many such diseases.

In some conditions, medicine gives relief to the patient. In some cases, medicines will cure the digestive problem.

GERD treatment

GERD is also called acid reflux disease or gastro-esophageal reflux disease. It occurs due to the laxity of the valve which guards the food pipe. Due to this, the stomach contents rise into your food pipe. So as a patient, you get regurgitation, heartburn, gas, bloating and even chest pain. Pain in the chest is felt more in the lying down position in GERD. As a homeopathy doctor in Andheri, Dr. Mehta specializes in treating GERD.  

Hiatus hernia treatment

Regurgitation of food and heartburn are prominent symptoms of a hiatus hernia. In a hiatus hernia, a part of your stomach enters the chest cavity. At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Andheri, you get a non-surgical treatment for hernia. Homeopathic medicines help give you relief from heartburn and regurgitation.

Gastritis treatment

Inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach is called gastritis. This disease irritates the stomach and hence increases acid secretion. Homeopathic medicines for gastritis when prescribed after matching patient’s symptoms are very effective. For gastritis, it is highly recommended to consult an expert homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment at the earliest.

Stomach ulcer

A patient of with stomach ulcer will want to search a homeopathic clinic near me for heartburn and indigestion. There is severe burning pain or heaviness in the belly and chest after eating food. Patients prefer to remain hungry and starve as eating brings their pains. The pain of a stomach ulcer is better by taking antacids.

A patient with a gastric ulcer will say to a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment that ‘I am afraid to eat food as it brings pain in my belly’.

Hence, they have a weight loss problem when they consult at Dr. Mehta’s clinic in Mumbai, India.

Duodenal ulcer

Patient with duodenal ulcer will visit a homeopathy doctor for acidity in Mumbai, India, with heartburn. Symptoms start a few hours after food. The pain in stomach occurs when the stomach is empty. Hence these pains are also called ‘hunger pains’. To our homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment, a patient with duodenal ulcer will describe his symptoms as

‘I get pain if I don’t eat food. So, I keep nibbling food every few hours and don’t remain hungry.’  

Eating food relieves the pain of a duodenal ulcer. Such patients love to eat food. So these patients gain weight and can develop obesity. Such cases have done well after consulting at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Andheri, Mumbai.

Gall bladder stone treatment in homeopathy

In gall bladder stone a patient consults homeopathy doctor for acidity in Mumbai, with gas and bloating. Eating oily food, fatty food, cheese, paneer, butter, red meat, etc. cause heartburn and pain. Other symptoms of gall stone reported at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in India are:-

  • A heavy, bloated feeling comes after eating.
  • Burping and indigestion
  • Pain in the right upper abdomen or under the ribs

Homeopathic medicines can treat gall stone symptoms without surgery in a cost-effective way.


In pancreatitis there is severe inflammation of the pancreas. Gall stone and alcohol and are 2 common causes of inflaming the pancreas. Following symptoms suggest a diagnosis of pancreatitis.

  • Pain in upper part of stomach.
  • Pain in the belly radiates to the back
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Loss of weight occurs in long lasting cases.

Seek help from an expert homeopathy doctor for acidity in Mumbai, India, if you have frequent pain from pancreatitis.  

Stomach cancer treatment

If a patient has belly pain or heartburn with weight loss, a diagnosis of stomach cancer is possible. In stomach cancer, the role of homeopathic treatment is to relieve symptoms. At Dr. Mehta’s Standard Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, India, we aim to improve the quality of life in a patient with cancer.

Get non-surgical treatment for your acid reflux

Acidity symptoms treated at Dr. Mehta's homeopathic clinic

Patients consult Dr. Chintan Mehta at his homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, India, for the following symptoms: –

  1. Pain in the stomach after eating or when not eating.
  2. Burning in stomach and chest
  3. Tightness in the stomach
  4. Gas and bloating
  5. Burping
  6. Heartburn
  7. Vomiting of food or mucus.
  8. Indigestion
  9. Hunger pains.
  10. Sour eructation or regurgitation

Can acidity be cured with homeopathic medicine?

The outcome of treating with homeopathic medicine for acidity depends on following factors: – 

  1. Age – A young person with heartburn and indigestion responds better.
  2.  Cause of your symptoms – Few diseases can be cured. Gastritis, ulcer, etc. respond well to medicines. In cancer & hiatus hernia, aim is to give relief.
  3. Nature of patient – Patient with anxiety and worry tend to get more digestive issues. Compared to other systems, homeopathic medicines benefit such patients more.
  4. Use of other medications can also modify the treatment outcome.
  5. Choice of medicine – Choice of medicine matters a lot in homeopathic therapy. How good is the homeopath matters. Also, it is important to share your case properly with the treating homeopath.

Systemic diseases associated with acid reflux and heartburn

In patients who consult our homeopathy doctor for acidity in Mumbai, following diseases are also reported: –

  1. Headache or migraine – Migraine headache is a very common cause of heartburn and vomiting. Many patients who consult at the clinic for migraine also have these symptoms. Such headaches are relieved by vomiting.
  2. Gas and constipation – Symptoms of constipation and gas can be present with bloating and burping. All these are symptoms of indigestion and a poor function of digestive system.
  3. IBS – IBS causes tightness in the abdomen, bloating, & constipation. You get best treatment for IBS with heartburn and gas at the homeopathic clinic in Mumbai.
  4. GERD – GERD is always associated with regurgitation, heartburn and gas. It can cause severe burning in the chest and stomach region. Burping is also common.
  5. Diabetes and hypertension – Diabetes can affect the nerves of the stomach. This can cause GERD, gas and indigestion. Homeopathic medicines can give relief to such patients with acid reflux disease and diabetes.
  6. Depression and Anxiety – Overthinking can cause or increase indigestion and heartburn. Homeopathic medicine is the best alternative for a holistic therapy of your depression and anxiety. 

Get the best medication for GERD and bloating at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in India.

Homeopathic medicines for acidity

Few popular homeopathic medicines for acidity and GERD are: – Abies Can, Abies nigra, Cinchona, Nux vomica, Lycopodium, Hydrastis, Robinia, Acid Sulph, Arsenic alb, etc.  

This is a brief list from a group of more than 51 homeopathic medicines for acid reflux, gas and heartburn. Each remedy has unique indications suitable to patients with a certain personality type. The aim of a homeopath is to select a proper medicine that matches your constitution. The more the medicine matches you and your symptoms, the better are the results.

Dr. Mehta is an expert homeopath in finding a similar medicine that matches your case. This makes him the best homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, India. 

Get holistic therapy for heartburn and gas

Why Standard Homeopathy for acidity treatment

Lifestyle measures for treating acidity

At Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, we also recommend few lifestyle measures to treat acidity. A few lifestyle habits we found beneficial to patients with gas, ulcers and heartburn are as follows: –

Diet for stomach problems.

  1. Eat bland food when you have a gastric ulcer or gastritis.
  2. Don’t remain hungry for long if you have a duodenal ulcer. Do binge eating.
  3. If you have GERD sleep in a head high position.
  4. Lie down on your right side for a few minutes after meals.

Food to avoid for heartburn & bloating

  1. Avoid fried, oily and fatty food.
  2. Avoid late-night dinner.
  3. We, at Dr. Mehta’s homeopathic clinic in Andheri, recommend our patients to avoid overeating. 
  4. Avoid foods that trigger your acid-reflux and bloating.

Lifestyle changes

  1. Don’t do heavy exercises immediately after eating.
  2. Keep your lunch and dinner time fixed.
  3. Do breathing exercises over an empty stomach only.
  4. If you have GERD, don’t do heavy exercise. It will increase the pressure in your belly thereby worsen acid-reflux.  
  5. As a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, we recommend gentle breathing exercises. It helps to calm down your anxiety.
  6. Go for a short walk after food. 
  7. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and carbonated beverages. 
  8. Quit smoking.

Acidity treatment at Standard Homeopathy clinic

At Dr. Mehta’s Standard homeopathy clinic in Mumbai, we aim to treat you as follows:-

1. Diagnosis of your symptoms

After listening to your symptoms, we first help in its diagnosis. This throws some light on the cause of your gas, bloating, and heartburn.

2. Homeopathic medicines for your symptoms

After receiving your case we decide the appropriate homeopathic medicine for your complaints. The specialty of our homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai is in selecting customized medicines. This helps to treat your indigestion from the roots.

3. Customized diet and lifestyle changes  

At Dr. Mehta’s clinic in Andheri, we recommend customized diet and lifestyle changes to our patients. It goes a long way for maintaining a good gut health. We suggest changes based on your constitution and body type.   

When to consult a homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment

A patient can consult our homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai, India, for symptoms like: –  

  1. Heartburn, regurgitation, hunger pains
  2. Burning after eating food
  3. Ulcer pain
  4. Inability to eat food from fear of pain,
  5. Indigestion and gas
  6. Anxiety and fear with ulcer
  7. Constipation or IBS with GERD
  8. Migraine or headache with heartburn and vomiting
  9. Depression, thyroid problem, or diabetes

Consult best homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai

You can easily get best acidity treatment from our homeopathy doctor in Mumbai, India. You can start treatment at Dr. Mehta’s Standard homeopathic clinic in two ways –

Consult in person with Dr. Mehta in Mumbai clinic –

It is advisable for patients: –

  • Who stay in Andheri, Parle, Santacruz, or nearby areas.
  • Who stay in Mumbai or near the cities of Thane and Navi Mumbai – Such patients can first consult in the clinic and later follow up by online video consultation.

Online consultation with Dr. Mehta

For online consultation with Dr. Mehta for your indigestion and heartburn, you need to book an appointment. At the scheduled time give a video call on WhatsApp or Skype or Zoom and consult online. Give your case details to the homeopath while sitting in the comforts of your home. You can also follow-up with the homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment over a video call. Advisable if –

  • you live out of Mumbai or India
  • you live in or near Mumbai but cannot visit the clinic.

Watchword – A patient of heartburn and bloating must know that the diagnosis of symptoms is also necessary. So do not neglect this aspect and undergo necessary investigations without any bias. Mostly a clinical history is enough. But at times investigations are required.

Meet the best homeopathy doctor for acidity treatment in Mumbai

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